Why Does Weight Loss Cause So Many Problems?

Martin Walls / freeimages.com

Martin Walls / freeimages.com

Why Does Weight Loss Cause So Many Problems?


When it comes to weight gain, the majority of issues will always be related to the amount of food or drink that's put into the body on a daily basis. It has long been said that weight loss success comes from the kitchen which makes complete sense when you think about how many times each day we have the opportunity to toss something into our mouth.

If you overeat daily, then naturally that's going to cause your weight to go up a little bit more each day. If you're able to stay slightly below your own personal daily calorie amount, then you will lose a little bit of weight each day.

Do you truly want to have weight loss success? Then do without the unhealthy types of food/drinks and start eating in a healthy, nutritious manner. When you realize how enormous most fast food meals are, you will hopefully keep yourself from eating these types of nutritional disasters.

What good is an enormous 1,450 calorie lunch meal consisting of a double bacon western cheeseburger, large fries and a soda going to do for your daily calorie amount? Nothing but force you to go over what would be considered an appropriate total for one day. Doing so will in turn limit your progress towards reaching your health and fitness goal.

If that sounds simple enough then why does weight loss cause so many problems for people?

Mostly due to the fact that folks have a difficult time making change a permanent thing. Sure it might be easy to change your habits for one or two days, that's not terribly hard. However making a change that sticks for a year or two is what really throws people for a loop.

Each pound of weight amounts to approximately 3,500 calories. Every single day presents the opportunity to work towards chopping a little bit more from that one pound total. Once you get rid of one pound, you can start working on the next one, and the cycle continues.

When you focus on reducing your calorie intake by 500 per day you will lose about 1 pound every 7 days. If this change were to be maintained for an entire year, then you'll lose about 52 pounds. Multiply that by two years and you end up with a whopping 104 pound reduction in weight!

That's over one hundred pounds by sticking with a healthy positive change that may likely be way overdue. Are you starting to see how powerful it can be to stick with an appropriate calorie amount on a regular basis?

However even though most will see the weight loss potential that's attainable if nutrition is strictly monitored, the reality of the undertaking is completely a different story.

The ball is figuratively in your hands, what you choose to do is entirely your decision. You can elect to stay in the same situation you're currently in, or take proactive steps to develop a healthy life and lose weight.

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