What's the Perfect time to do Weight Loss Exercises?

There are lifetimes when you start feeling a need for physical exercises and some sign up for gyms while others prefer working out in the evening times. However – have you ever asked yourself – what times of day are productive for exercises to achieve quicker weight loss results?

Studies found that the time you mostly prefer doing workouts does affect on results you get. This subject is controversial but all depends on what you are headed to achieve. Continue reading to find out more on perfect times to do weight loss exercises.

Morning workouts

A profound study carried out in 2010 concluded that morning exercises help you intake more calories without gaining extra weight. Three groups of people participated in that study were allocated into three different categories such as: all of them consumed a high calorie and high fat diet and worked out at different times of day which were prior to breakfast, mid morning and not at all. The results indicated that before-breakfast workouts cause no any weight gain.

Control Stress

Another study conducted in 2011 revealed that people who workout at 7AM three times per week help themselves reduce blood pressure by 10% overall and nearly 25% at night. To sum up – reduced stressed is achieved by the morning exercises. You may follow your diet perfectly; however stress causes lots of health conditions including diabetes.

Nighttime Workouts

Put more effort

A 1998 research found out that those who are involved in nighttime exercises have greater ability to utilize their full muscle abilities. The study was comprised of young adults who exercised at 8AM, 12PM, 4PM and 8PM. The results suggested that people can use their muscle strength better later in the day. It is obvious and natural that majority of individuals feel themselves extremely tired after their jobs. In such cases, try to start slowly with simple exercises and weight and continue for 20-30 minutes. Normally, after committing easy exercises for 20-30 minutes, your body will be ready for regular/moderate exercises and you will start feeling yourself energized and awake.

 Build up muscles

Another study which focused on finding out the productive times to work out for weight loss was carried out in 2009 and it concluded stating that both morning and nighttime exercises can bring noticeable results. Prior to getting into exercises, browse through reliable internet pages, gather information and tips and make sure to follow them because they do affect on your results. Focus on building up muscles in all parts of your body: knees, back, neck and more.

Watch out for Injuries

Your joints and muscles get prepared for workouts during the day and they will be ready for exercises later in the day. For that reason, workout like running is best to exercise at the end of your day. When suggestions and instructions are not followed, injuries may include: pulled muscles, knee injuries, skin injuries, falls and more. These were the conclusions and results presented by the research organized in 2009. Safety is the number one priority, for that reason – ask yourself whether you are physically ready for exercises before you get out of your home.

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