Weight management starts with a healthy lifestyle!

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Weight management starts with a healthy lifestyle!

We are living through times when a high calorie diet is the order of the day. A healthy lifestyle is rare in these times. Eventually we develop overweight or even obesity and it is very late when we begin to realize we have to do something about our bodies.

Right from the time you wake up, there is a beautiful cup of coffee you always insist on making too sweet for the body. Then mid-morning you relax with a smoothie from the local vendor; your favorite being the sweetest mug.

Just after lunch, you have a bottle of soda for dessert. You do not check the amount of sugar contained in your main lunch dish and the dinner plate. The high carbs, the red meat, these foods are unhealthy in high amounts.

And the sugars you love so much, these diets are slowly poisoning you. They may be sweet to the mouth, but not so to the body.

Dangers of taking excess sugar

Sugar is in fact the worst enemy to a healthy lifestyle. Because aside from alcohol and narcotics, it is the other most addictive substance of all times. Once you are into sugar, it will always be difficult to pull back.

And you do not have to take honeyed tea to get sugar into your system. Vegetables, fruits and cereals are complex carbohydrates and a small portion of them bring a lot of blood sugar when broken down.

The problem is, after you take too much sugar into your digestive system, it will be absorbed into your bloodstream. The purpose is to use it to manufacture energy. But it cannot all be used up if it is in excess.

So the body will convert the excess sugar into fats to be stored in inert form. The process of converting the blood glucose into fats is carried out by the body’s osmoregulation mechanisms.

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Too much sugar may overwhelm your body’s osmoregulation. Having a hypertonic blood may result in deposition of sugars on the walls of blood vessels. This may increase your blood pressure.

High blood pressure makes you vulnerable to cardiac arrest. You have to live under close medical attention. And just a slight shock may be too much for your heart to bear.

Cardiovascular disease is one of the last disorders you could ever wish for. And that is what you risk getting by consuming too much sugar.

It doesn’t have to be directly through high concentrations of sugar in the blood. At times your system may succeed in maintaining the recommended blood sugar concentration. However, this would mean your body manufactures a lot of fat.

You will add weight and may become obese. Obesity is another dangerous condition that exposes you to heart problems.

These chronic ailments are interrelated. One may just lead to another. And obese folk have high chances of becoming diabetic, in addition to suffering heart problems.

What you can do to lead a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle involves eating healthy. This means taking recommended food portions. Not eating too large volumes of food as that would be too tasking to your digestive system.

You also need a well-balanced diet. Such a diet has adequate supply of healthy proteins such as fish and poultry; vegetables, nuts, carbs and fruits.

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Every food substance should be present in your diet in controlled amounts. You need adequate supply of fruits for vitamins.

Identify some basic physical activities and perform them regularly. Exercising keeps you healthy, active and strong. You do not have to stay at the gym to be healthy. Even walking can serve as a healthy workout.

Do not starve yourself out. Starving may lead to obesity, so it should be top on the list of things to avoid completely. Eating will not make you fat. Eating wrongly will make you fat.

Start each day with a robust meal. You need to start your day with the best supply of food. Then as the day progresses, take light meals after every few hours.

All in all, the best way to go about your healthy lifestyle is when you plan your meals. A well planned diet is likely to be balanced and will help you keep from eating unhealthy.

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