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Weight Loss Vitamins: How To Do It?

Health conscious men and women across the world look towards pills of vitamins to cure their many ailments. There is no dearth of individuals who pop up vitamins despite consuming all essential micro-nutrients in excess of their daily requirements. Now people have an added reason to go for these vitamins as scientists have found that besides maintaining and improving health, one such type of vitamins are weight loss vitamins, they can be used to lose body weight. There has already been a lot of research to find out if there is any link between consuming vitamin pills and weight loss. In a recent study in China, this fact has once again been confirmed. It was found in this study that women who were given multi vitamin pills over and above their regular diet were able to lose 3.5 pounds of body weight in a month in comparison to those women who received placebos instead of these vitamin pills. This means that weight loss vitamins is indeed possible.

Weight Loss Vitamins: There is no magic pill as yet to help in weight loss

However, if losing weight had been as simple and magical as popping up a multivitamin pill daily, all obese men and women across the world would have been thin by now. What this means is that we could gorge on everything we loved to eat and yet keep a tab on our weight by consuming a vitamin pill every day. All the hard work would have been done by the vitamin while we could go on enjoying our lives. Most of us dream about having such a magic pill to stay slim and healthy. (Had there been weight loss vitamins, Oprah Winfrey would not have continued to carry on with such a huge body weight.) However, having said all this, it certainly does not mean that vitamins cannot be used to get rid of obesity.

Weight Loss Vitamins

Weight loss with the help of vitamin B12

Of all the vitamins that human beings need to consume on a daily basis, it is vitamin B12, one of the 8 vitamins classified as vitamin B that is credited with having the potential to help us lose body weight. Together, these 8 vitamins are classified as vitamin B Complex. Vitamin B12 is also called cobalamin, and it plays a crucial role in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids. This is a water soluble vitamin that not only helps in building new red blood cells but also oversees how the body makes use of all the calories that it consumes. As this vitamin is mainly found in animal foods, its deficiency leading to iron deficiency or anemia is seen mainly among people who are pure vegetarians. There are many clinics that inject vitamin B12 shots into patients who are obese. This is done in the hope that the dose of this vitamin would help in getting rid of extra bodyweight. This is like shooting in the dark though it will not cause any harm to the body of those who are injected with vitamin B12 shots. In directly, higher dose of vitamin B12 helps in more energy production inside the body. These higher energy levels help patients to exercise vigorously and with more intensity to be able to lose weight easily. This is how the concept of weight loss vitamins primarily works.

Weight Loss Vitamins

Vitamin C and vitamin D can also help in weight loss

Besides vitamin B12, there are other vitamins that have been studied by scientists as being of possible help in a weight loss endeavor. If you consume 500mg of vitamin C supplement daily and also do workouts, you can boost your weight loss endeavor significantly. This is because vitamin C helps in increasing your efficiency and you can burn out more calories through a workout than when you are not taking vitamin C supplement on a daily basis.

Vitamin D has long been considered invaluable for our bones and teeth as they are made up of this vitamin and calcium mainly. In as surprising study, it was found that vitamin D helps in weight loss but only when it is taken along with calcium.

In the end, it would suffice to say that the impact of different vitamins on weight loss endeavor is still not understood clearly by the scientists. This is the reason they back up the idea of consuming a multivitamin pill daily to boost your chances of losing excess body weight rather than harping about the abilities of different vitamins and their role in weight loss endeavors. At the best, you can think of multivitamin tablet as a helping hand in any weight loss endeavor as it gives you energy to burn more calories through workouts inside a gym on a daily basis. Do not rely upon weight loss vitamins pills to do all the hard work on your behalf as you will have to sweat it out on your own.

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