Here are several weight loss tricks that I learned from reading, experience and from having a nurse as a mother and a diabetic as a brother.  These are fantastic and I am giving you a large number so you can pick and choose those that work best for you.


1-  Keep a diary.

The best way to know what you are eating is to write it down.  Sometimes we don't notice, or remember, every parcel that we put in our mouths.  This diary can also give you a much better picture of what you eat most of, and therefore make you understand much more easily exactly where you should cut or what you should change.  You don't absolutely need to do this part, but it would help greatly.  I strongly recommend you keep one for about three weeks.


2-  Chew slowly.

Yes, there is a very good reason why our mothers tell us to chew slowly.  For one, there are areas in your mouth that absorb nutrition, so the longer it stays there, the more nutrition you get.  The more nutrition you get, the fuller you feel after a meal.  Furthermore, the longer you take to chew, the faster your brain tells your stomach that you have had enough to eat.  It can actually take up to 20 minutes for your brain sensors to detect that you are satiated, so the longer you take to eat, the less you will eat.

Also, avoid eating while doing something.  Do not eat in front of the television, while reading a book or at work.  The reason for this is simple: you end up associating food with that activity.  Instead, drink low calorie liquids, like water, natural juice or a herbal tea.  Have some coffee, if that's what you need.  But don't eat.



3-  Eat a very small amount around 30 minutes before a meal

Well, this is where I think our parents were wrong.  Yes, eating before a meal makes you eat less - but that's a good thing. Eating smaller portions more often during the day is best to keep up our energy levels.  To help you do this, eat a small snack - fruits mid-morning, nuts mid-afternoon - and a handful of veggies or fruits 30 minutes before your meal, including breakfast (for example, eat half a banana, shower, then have breakfast).  This way, you control your hunger much more easily.  The mini snack before a meal is for the same reason as to why chewing slowly helps you:  it activates the brain's satiation sensors more quickly.


4-  Eat complex carbs.

Carbs aren't the problem: simple carbs are.  You need to avoid anything that has been processed, especially white flour.  When purchasing bread or pasta, stick to the ones that are strictly whole grain - meaning that the hulls haven't been taken off before crushing them to make flour.  To make sure you don't get tricked, read the ingredients because several companies put both whole grain and plain flour, but still label it 'whole grain' on the package.  Look for ancient grains, too, which have a better nutritional value, such as spelt or kamut (these can be found mainly in natural and organic supermarkets).  Also, chose brown rice over white but if you want the white one, avoid minute rices.  Swap for potatoes or corn once in a while to keep your carb source varied.


5-  Purchase natural and organic

Nothing is worse than processed food.  Most packaged goods are processed, so if you're not sure how to tell the difference, just prepare your food from scratch.  There are several ways to do that even on a tight schedule - if you read below, in some of the articles I wrote for The Flaming Vegan, I talk about some of the tips and tricks to keep your kitchen time down.  Also, whenever possible, buy your food organic.  Just make sure that you are still getting non-processed items by looking for whole foods, such as whole wheat flour.  And, of course, stay away from salt, sugar, oil, and any other form of additives, even if they are natural.  We should not be eating too much of these.


6-  Exercise for a maximum of 30 minutes per day

Exercise with the purpose of losing weight in mind should be around 20 to 30 minutes per day. You don't need more; quite the contrary, if you do too much, you will make yourself hungry.  And, when you are done with your short workout, make sure you have both water and a quick bite to eat to keep you satiated to avoid binging later.


7-  Eat fat

Vegetable fats are good for you.  You do need to keep them to a minimum, but if you eat the same amount of calories from animal fats as vegetable fats, you will gain less weight from the vegetable ones.  The reason is simple: our system is not meant to digest animal fats.  We are actually herbivores, and this type of food is not for us.  Also, to get the best typè you can, eat it from the food and avoid using too much, such as salad dressing.  Instead, try to get your fats from avocadoes, flax seeds, and nuts, for example.


8-  Go veg

Being a vegan has many advantages, but the main one is health.  If you watch the documentary 'Forks Over Knives' and read the book 'The China Study', you will see that we are not meant to eat animal by-products.  Stars who have chosen to become vegan due to these publications include, amongst others, Michelle Pfeiffer and Ozzy Osbourne.


9-  If you indulge, make it expensive

There are two reasons for this.  One, you will buy less, therefore eat less of them.  Two, there are very good chances that the more expensive ones are made from better quality ingredients, and are usually more natural, making you gain less weight from them.  So, if you buy chocolate, look for the dark, 4$ per bar chocolates.  Both your waistline and your tastebuds will thank you.



10-  Fruits in the morning only

Fruits are very good for you... only in the morning.  The reason is simple:  they have a high amount of sugar.  Your body needs vitamins during the day, but you can get them very easily from vegetables.  So, stay away from fruits any time after your mid-morning snack.  This will keep you from crashing in the afternoon.  The same goes with anything sweet.  If you can avoid any sweets at all after the morning period, your energy level will be much better for the rest of the day, and you will have much less cravings for yet another bit of junk food.


11-  Drink lots of water

At times, when our body thinks it's hungry, it's actually thirsty.  When you get a craving or feel a little hungry shortly after eating, drink an 8oz glass.  Chances are, after 20 minutes, it will pass.  If you are still hungry, then you can have something small to eat.


12-  Try to avoid canned, frozen or packaged foods

Not only are they packed with salt and sugar, the packaging at times can infiltrate the food, especially the metal from cans and particles from plastic.  This goes for yoghourt and margarine as well.  Try to avoid these and buy margarine sticks wrapped in paper, preserves in glass jars and anything else, try to cook fresh.

NB:  I have added a large quantity of articles I wrote for The Flaming Vegan which you can read at your own leisure.  Most contain information that complement the 12 tips I just gave you.  Some others are additional ideas on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Good luck and I hope to hear from you on your journey.  I would really appreciate receiving your feedback as I want to improve my work and see you succeed.


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