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I’M LOSING WEIGHT FAST….with sound??

As the curator of content here on my site loseweightveryfast.com, I take great lengths in expanding the users experience with not only the most popular and aggressive forms of weight loss methods, but also the weirdest.  I happened to come across an interesting person who suggested that she can help me lose weight through sound….yes that’s right….a simply trans like tone that you listen to for about 15 minutes. She mentioned that she will Cast a balanced weight loss white magic spell, which in turn would help me achieve my desired optimum weight.

Theoretically by listening to this fast weight loss diet spell, I should magically over time start shedding my stubborn belly fat that has been plaguing me on and off for the better part of 15 years.  Of course with this in mind I am open to anything…at least once.  When I listened to the deafening sound of the spell at first I was hesitant as it sounded like a broken amplifier that you can’t turn off.  However, surprisingly over time, and following the instructions implicitly (meditate and focus on the sound), I was actually soothed by the sound.

I have been listening to this sound for about a week now and if anything it has helped me be more conscious of my eating habits by being more discipline and not eating more than I have to.  I am down 2 pounds and counting.  264lbs down to 262lbs, so maybe the subliminal spell is working on me.

As a treat for you, my audience, I am going to offer this fast weight loss diet spell to you as a gift for being an avid and loyal member of my website.  Enjoy and get awesome use out of this as much as I did.

Here's the audio you can listen to :

Her name is Maeden

Her bio and history is below:


‘Helping people is my passion and purpose.

I'm happy to share inherited ancient knowledge & techniques that have been passed on for generations in my family. 

 I've started out with casting the powerful weight loss spell has been cast for you, to reach your desired weight. The spell works in a way to boost your energy and metabolism by challenging your habitual behavior with energies, in your case, increased positive energy.

Today I will start working on it some more. Just for you to know, on this spell I am working around 7 days but results are getting propagated long time after I stop. In all this time, please try to follow the advice I may provide because is gonna help a lot.

You also might see very good reviews on my site, and successful stories, and to be completely honest with you now they have come not only from my work, it does take a large part in it but by people listening and applying my advice.

Remember, you also have the power to change things, and I am writing the following message, so that our actions are synchronized...

First of all, I want you to gain greater awareness on why do we actually gain weight and get out of the ideal level. That happens usually because every-time we feel bad or needy of a dopamine release in our brain, we must do something to raise our dopamine levels in the brain to replace the bad (our brain is compensating for us subconsciously). And we are usually overweight because we use food to increase our dopamine levels that are automatically released. You should be aware of that when you get dopamine "hungry" and really hungry.

Instead, maybe we should look for a way to REPLACE our dopamine source. In a different words now, the answer lies within, not without. At the source. Why don't you try and replace the eating with a hobby. Something that rather burns it away, and not make it. There is always something that you can do in order to feel good, instead of feeling good when eating. The advice to follow is - just try to simply replace it, and always keep that in mind.
And also, please make a written diet plan and stick to it. Make it your commitment...

....I'm also sending you my energy channel, as a tool for receiving more energy, so whenever you need energy and focus, feel free to listen to it, and while doing so, just focus on the sound. It will make the spell work faster and much stronger. There I'm sending energy in my meditations. Find attached.

In the meantime I'll do my job and help you from the background.

I'd be very happy and grateful if you could also take a minute of your time to leave your review for my services. Your review gives me energy and aspire me to do better each time.

I wish you all the best, and after a while, let me know how it goes’.

You can check out her cool gigs at  :   https://www.fiverr.com/maedan

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