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Weight Loss Nutrition Myths, Facts, and Tips

weight_loss_nutritionWeight loss nutrition basically cuts across the food types, recipes and the kind of diet that will definitely get you back in shape. Here are a few essential details to get you started.

Information regarding weight loss nutrition is as varied as the number of individual specialists in this area. Regardless of the diversity in approaches, all of them boil down to the same set of facts.

Misinformation can be misleading. These are what I refer to as the weight loss nutrition myths. Among them, the belief that different people can lose weight uniformly. The fact is, different factors such as lifestyle, behavior, age, gender, medical history and genes will play part in determining your weight loss.

Some folks also mythically believe that they can lose weight by skipping meals. This is a misleading idea. Skipping meals will often backfire, makes you want to eat more. Different weight loss nutrition studies show a good number of overweight people who skip breakfast in the morning.

One interesting myth you need to clear you mind of: a healthy diet is expensive. This is never the case. Consider this: there are those who think that spinach is better raw than frozen or canned. Yet, canned or frozen veggies and fruits provide as many nutrients as fresh ones, and at a much lower cost.

Tip: while checking nutrition facts on frozen, canned, or dried items, look out for those that are high in protein, calcium, vitamin D, fiber, and potassium. You may also check for those weight loss nutrition products low in extra saturated fat, sugars, and or sodium.

Here is another myth: meat is bad for my health and makes it harder to lose weight. This is not entirely correct as such. Lean meat taken in small portions and in small quantities is an important part of a healthy weight loss nutrition plan.

Beef, chicken, fish, and pork contain some saturated fat and cholesterol. They however also contain nutrients like zinc, iron, and protein that may mobdro app not working as well be very significant in the process. The tip is regarding the quantities take. You simply need to cut down on them and take them lean as a preference.

Take meat that is low in fat. Some of the parts you need to avoid include chicken breast, pork loin, beef round steak and beef flank steak.


Of course these are just but the most common examples, the list can be much longer. You may as well contact your physician to recommend for you some good sources of protein before you rule out anything.

Key weight loss nutrition tips

  • Try fresh fruits or non-fat yogurt for dessert.
  • Limit use of toppings high in fat and calories, such as salad dressings, bacon, and cheese.
  • Choose boiled, broiled or baked foods over fried ones.
  • Instead of sodas, sip fat-free milk or water.
  • Give more preference to low-fat proteins such as: beans, eggs, fish, lean meats, and nuts.
  • For a quick breakfast, you may fix oatmeal with low-fat milk, topped with fresh berries. Or eat a slice of whole-wheat toast with fruit spread.
  • Can’t resist nibbles even when dieting, well you may pack some veggies with hummus and a couple of whole-wheat crackers with peanut butter.

Also, you may try various super foods. These are healthy food substances. They are known to build bones and prevent chronic diseases. They may as well improve your eyesight and even keep your mind sharp.

New weight loss nutrition research evidence also suggests these foods can help you get and stay slim. They include: Blueberries, Black beans, Salmon and guess what.., Avocados!

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