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Researchers have known for years that it's a powerful weapon in the battle for good health, but a new study shows that it could also help you slow the clock on aging. Start stocking up.

If you've never downed some pomegranate juice or thrown some pomegranate seeds on top of a salad, you just might have a new science-backed reason to drink up or chow down on the fruit. Researchers have figured out that, in addition to offeringantioxidants, fiber, and nutrients such as vitamin C, pomegranates work with your gut to create an age-defying molecule called urolithin A (UA).


Why Pomegranates Are Powerhouses: The Science

Let's take a look at your cells for a moment. Inside each cell, there are rod-shaped organelles called mitochondria (my science teacher would be so proud). The role of mitochondria is to convert oxygen and nutrients into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule the cell uses a lot like a battery to power a range of metabolic processes.

With this in mind, pomegranates contain ellagitannins, which are a type of polyphenols that serve as micronutrients. Still with me? When you consume pomegranates, bacteria in your intestines break down the ellagitannins and convert them to UA. The UA then protects your mitochondria, preventing them from failing as fast and, subsequently, ensuring the cell functions longer. Pretty cool, right?

Modern Workers Need the Pomegranate's Help!

Today's employees have more responsibilities and work longer hours than ever before, and the vast majority of individuals admit that their job is a big source of stress. All this takes a physical toll and can cause cells to die prematurely. Additionally, many workers aren't in a financial position to stop working when they reach retirement age. Something as simple as enjoying pomegranates might leave people in better physical shape to stay on the job longer and cover their expenses.


Other Tasty Options Can Benefit You, Too

If you're not a fan of pomegranates, don't worry. You can find ellagitannins that convert to UA in other foods as well, such as raspberries, almonds, and strawberries. Choose the ellgaitannin-containing morsels of your choice and you're well on your way to living a longer, age-defying life.

ARTICLE SOURCE : http://www.inc.com/tom-popomaronis/want-to-live-longer-science-say-eat-this.html

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