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Walking may seem not the best way to lose extra weight quickly however it is one of the most trending forms of exercise for dieters. Fast-paced walking workouts help you burn nearly 400 calories in just 30 minutes. Popular American fitness magazine Health shares: “females between the ages of 18 to 30 who simply walked at least 4 hours a week were 44% more likely to walk off their weights.” Research findings show that walking is one of the best ways to drop pounds without dieting. However, better and quicker results can be attained if walking is combined with other forms of workouts and a low calorie-diet. Let’s find out more on walking to lose weight.


An in-depth look at Walking for Weight Loss

Note that speed is not the only factor in losing weight by walking. Colette Bouchez, WebMD Weight Loss Clinic says that “good old-fashioned walking for weight loss is a natural and more effective method than going to gym.” Walking helps you burn calories, it lowers blood pressure, prevents and controls diabetes, helps you manage stress and release tension, walking is free and can be done almost anywhere, it boosts your self-esteem and confidence, improves blood circulation and strengthens your legs among more!

Fitness experts suggest the following walking program for starters and you can increase it depending on how you feel:

  • 1st week - number of walks: 4, time per workout: 25 to 40 minutes.
  • 2nd week – number of walks: 4, time per workout: 30 minutes.
  • 3rd week – number of walks: 4, time per workout: 30 minutes.
  • 4th week – number of walks: 4 (2 of them should be fast-paced), time per workout: 25-40 minutes.

36 year old Dacia Root, Pensacola, Florida has an unbelievable transformation story: “on February 22, 2011, I had nearly 140 pounds of extra weight. Less than 4 years passed and now my weight is down to 130! How I did that? I simply walked, walked and walked.” Her story is one of the most strongest and inspiring weight loss stories. 

Pasquale Brocco’s 300 pounds weight loss began with a decision to go to the grocery store by walking. His weight that time which was over 600 pounds could kill him. He decided to visit Walmart 3 times a day which would be equivalent to 6 miles. It only took 3 years to get rid of extremely huge amount of fat and maintain an athletic body under 270 pounds. With a new nickname “Possible Pat”, Pasquele calls his weight loss program “Walmart Diet”. He adds: “by Walmart diet, I mean “walking to lose weight diet.”


Further reading

A fitness guru Diane Carbonel who personally could manage losing 158 pounds states: “walking does work for weight loss.” Other health experts recommend “10,000 steps a day weight loss plan”. Walking provides long-term wellness and healthy shape. A fitness expert Leslie Sansone who has created various forms of weight loss plans and tested numerous programs recommended by other health experts agrees with our findings presented here concerning walking to lose weight.




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