16 Transgender Celebrities We Admire

Aydian Dowling


This 27 year old body builder, blogger and activist from New York is the first Transgender model to appear on the Cover of Gay Times Magazine which came after a public campaign in 2015 to get him on the cover of Men’s Health Magazine which he didn’t win.

Andreas Krieger


Andreas systematically transformed from a woman into a man after years of using anabolic steroids unknowingly. He eventually underwent surgery to complete his transformation. Originally born Heidi, Andreas competed as a women’s shot putter for East Germany before the unification of the Nation.

Amiyah Scott


Born Arthur Scott, Amiyah is one of Hollywood’s most popular transgender and is rumored to have dated quite a number of rappers in the industry. Born in Manhattan, raised in New Orleans, the Model/Makeup Artist/Entrepreneur was billed to appear on Real Housewives of Atlanta but it never quite worked out allegedly due to discrimination against her.

Buck Angel


Adult film maker and motivational speaker, Buck Angel works as an advocate, educator, lecturer and writer. Born female and named Susan, Buck Angel was sent to therapy after a suicide attempt where he first declared that he felt like a man.

Ari South


First appearing on Project Runway as Andy South, Ari South is a fashion, design and style powerhouse who transistioned into a woman after first appearing in Season 8 of Project Runway. Speaking on her transition, she says she is fortunate that the fashion industry is very welcoming of people who fall in the grey areas of the LGBT community.

Ryan Sallans


Born Kimberly Ann Sallans, Ryan is a LGBT rights activist who began his transition in 2005. As a public speaker, he often shares his story about his struggle with an eating disorder and coming to terms with his gender identity.

Mia Hogues

Born has Ryan, this co-Star of Houston Beauty left home at 13 and went through a difficult period and became an escort to make ends meet while living up to her aspirations to become a hair stylists.

Nadia Almada


Best known as the first transgender winner of Big Brother in 2004, the British reality TV star was born Jorge Leodoro and kept her transgender identity secret from fellow contestants through the duration of the program.

Amelia Maltepe


Born into a strict Muslim family and raised as Adesh, this glamour model has high hopes of becoming a future Miss World. Says growing up she always felt she was trapped in the wrong body.

Andreja Pejic


Australian model, Andreja until 2004 was billed as an androgynous male model and described herself as living between genders. In the same year, 2011, she ranked No 18 on Model.com’s Top 50 Male Models list and ranked 9 in FHM Magazine’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World.

Caroline Tula Cossey


One of the world’s most known trans women, her honors include appearing in a Bond film, For Your Eyes Only, and posing for Playboy. Caroline, born as Barry was diagnosed to have been born with a XXXY genotype, a condition known as Klinefelter’s Syndrome.

Janet Mock


This Bestselling author, TV host and activist of African-American and Hawaiian heritage underwent sex reassignment surgery at 18 in Thailand.

Isis King


Born Darrell Walls, Isis King is a fashion designer and fashion model. A competitor on America’s Next To Model she was the first trans-woman to compete on the show.

Laverne Cox


Star of the women Prisons show, Orange Is the New Black, she is the first openly Transgender erson to be on the cover of Time magazine. She is also a voice against transgender bias and repression and violence.

Jazz Jennings


Youtube star, and one of the youngest openly transgender celebrities, Jennings is star of her own show, I am Jazz that documents her struggle with gender identity in high school.

Candis Cayne


Star of theh Dirty Sexy Money show, Candis Cayne hit the limelight playing Carmelita, a transgender mistress.  She has also made some appearances on I am Cait.


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