Top 10 Successful Workouts Will Increase Your Metabolism Rate And Weight Loss Quickly

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Exercise is very necessary for the body. It keeps you healthy and checks that your weight is under control. Not only this it keeps your mind fresh, you feel more energized and lively. It is also very crucial to increase your metabolism rate. Metabolism is the series of chemical processes that occur inside the body that helps in sustaining life. Metabolism helps to convert food into energy to run the body, it converts the food that our body gets into various useful nutrients and helps in elimination of wastes from the body. Exercise help a lot in increasing the metabolism rate. If you take out time to exercise on a regular basis you will notice a drastic change not only in your body but also in your overall health.


Running is a very simple exercise. You don’t need any technical training for that. Just grab your sports shoes and choose a time when you are free. It will help you to burn a lot of calories and build metabolism. Early morning is the best time you can start. You can run on the tracks made in public parks or on the sides of road, because there is not much traffic during early morning. If you don’t have time to go out you can run on the treadmill which you can keep in your house. In the beginning phase, don’t run too fast as it can create pressure on your joints, start with slow running and then increase your speed gradually after few days.

Lifting Weights

Lifting weights is a great way to boost up your metabolism level. It will help you in building your muscle strength. You will gain a lot of stamina and inner strength if you lift weights. It helps in faster burning of calories. Don’t start with lifting very heavy weights in the beginning. Use light weights initially so that your body gets prepared for the same. You can take the guidance of a professional gym instructor who can guide you the correct weights that you need to lift and the way to do it, depending on your strength and body condition.


This is a very useful exercise to increase metabolism rate. It is focused mainly on the buttock area and the portion covering your legs. It is very useful in losing weight too. For this first of all create a sitting position. Sit on the floor in such a way that your knees are bending in a position that is close to heels. You will see that the thighs are parallel to the ground. It acts like a wonder for your hip area by removing excess deposits of fat. You can practice this exercise few times in a day and you will notice considerable improvement in your metabolism rate.


Skipping is a very wonderful exercise to fasten your metabolism rate. It is very economical too. You just have to buy a skipping rope from the market according to your height and you have to start skipping in an open area. You can easily practice it in a park or at your home where you have space. It is an exercise that uses all parts of your body such as shoulders, arms, legs, your abdominal region, thighs etc. Each and every part of the body is actively involved in this exercise. You can start with less time in the beginning and gradually increase the duration.

Push Ups

Pushups are also very useful for building metabolism. You can easily do it at home. In this exercise raise and lower the body with the help of your arms. It helps in burning a lot of calories. Lie down on the floor and keep your hands below your shoulders, while keeping the rest of your body straight and aligned. Now slowly lower the body using your elbows and rise again to the initial point. It helps in strengthening your shoulders and chest area.


Burpee is also called as squat thrust. It involves full body and is especially referred as a kind of aerobic exercise. First of all start in a standing position. Then in the second step drop in a squat position keeping your hands on the floor. Put your feet back into plank position and extend your arms. Then fastly return the feet in the squat position and then jump up from the squat position. It is very useful in building metabolism.


Lunges focus on the leg area and help to improve balance. Here you have to take a big step in the forward direction such that you are able to form a 90 degree angle with your knee. Try to keep your spine erect and prevent it from bending. Now see the moment of your trailing leg, its knee should be close to the floor and body weight should be on toes. Now you can return to standing position and try this exercise with other leg. This exercise is great for building metabolism.


This exercise improves metabolism by focusing on the abdominal area. Lie on your back and feet should rest flat on the floor. Your palms should be under your head. Push your lower back in downwards position and contract your abs and make a move to raise your head, shoulders, neck and upper body from the level of floor. Then come to the original position and start again. You can practice few rounds daily for better results. This is a very good exercise that can be easily practiced without any hassles.


It is a very useful exercise to build the strength of shoulders, abs and back. Both upper and lower body is used in it. Start with a push up position and then gradually lower the body in plank position while maintaining the balance with the help of toes, elbows and forearms. After this process balance on one arm and revive to original position. Repeat this exercise by altering the arm each time. Try to maintain an aligned posture during the exercise.


Swimming is a great way to build metabolism. You will surely love this exercise in scorching summer heat. Whole body is at work in this process. Your legs, arms, shoulders and all other body parts are constantly in movement in this process. There are many moves in swimming that can be learned with the help of a professional trainer. It is an exercise that will not only refresh you but will act on your complete body to make it stronger.

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