Top 10 Home Exercises To Lose Weight Quickly

by Jeevan Paul

Loosing weight means burning more calories than you consume. Exercises help you to burn your fat successfully. We are all very well know that exercise is very essential to maintain a good health and to over come from different health problems. If you increase your exercise your rate of metabolism also increases which helps you to reduce your weight.  Doing exercises not only burn your excess fat but also builds your body. Here are some of the excellent exercises to reduce your weight to stay slim and smart.


1 Superman Back Extension: 

This superman back extension exercise increase your muscle strength along with your lower back. By doing this exercise you can get wonderful results in your weight reduction program. To do this exercise you have to simply lie-down on your stomach and raise your legs slowing along with your upper body at the same time.  Always keep your head straight in this exercise. Does this exercise 10 to 15 time daily to burn your fat and to maintain your figure fit.

2 Bird Dog:

Bird Dog exercise is very good exercise for your back and hips. It is an excellent exercise by which you can achieve your goal to be fit. Begin this exercise by placing your hands and knee position towards down with your fingers pointing ahead. Do carefully and make sure that your hands are under your shoulders and at the same time your knees are under your hips then slowly extend your opposite leg  and arm almost in a parallel to floor, maintain your balance for few seconds without dropping your back, then slowly return to your actual position and repeat this for several times.

3 Lunges

Lunges burn your calories more and work more effectively to loose your weight. Stand tall with feet hip width apart and take a step ahead using your right leg. Keep your spine straight lower your body to until your front leg and back leg forms a 90 degrees angle give a little gap and then bring your right leg back. Now repeat the same by stepping forward with left leg. Follow this exercise carefully and do it 10 times on each side.


4 Side Plank Hip Drops:

Side plank hip drops exercise is the most excellent exercise which helps you to build your core strength. This exercise mainly targets on legs, arms and back. Start this exercise by lying on one side with your elbow lined straightly under your shoulder.  Lift your hips off the floor by supporting your body with your forearm and keeping your feet stacked on top of one another on the floor, then hold your upper body steady for 4 to 5 seconds and then gradually lower your hips on the floor repeat the same process by either sides.

5 Squats

Squats are really a great exercise and treated as the best exercise to loose your unwanted weight. You can burn your excess fat by doing this exercise regularly. Do this exercise correctly to engage your core and complete lower section of your body. Sit on knees twisted close to the heels with your thighs parallel to the floor. This exercise  target mainly your hips and thighs.  While doing this exercise don’t forget to remember that your knees should be in a line with your toes all the time. Maintain your speed and rise back to a standing position.

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6 Push-Ups:

Push ups are very easy exercise to do, there is no need to go to gym to do this exercise. Push up’s can be done anywhere anytime. Push up is the basic exercise can do by placing your hands on ground side below your shoulders, while keeping your body in a straight position then slowing lower your chest by bending your elbow and pushing back into earlier position. You can also place your knees on ground and make it more convenient for you to do this exercise.

7 Bridge

Bridge is another nice exercise you can adopt to reduce your over weight. This exercise usually strengthens the entire abdomen region. To do this exercise you have to bend your knee and to raise your hips at the same time as maintain your back straight and keeping your feet on the floor. See that your hips should be in a straight line with your shoulders and knees. Hold it there for 25 to 30 seconds and slowly lower your hips back to the original position and repeat the same for several minutes.

8 Leaps:

Leaps exercise is very helpful to strengthens your legs. Many sports persons regularly follow this exercise to improve grace and speed. To do this exercise you have to get into a semi-squat position and jump sideways and then land on your right foot, again get into same position and jump sideways but to land on your left foot instead of right foot. Reap this exercise several times and get good results.

9 Walking Lunges:

Walking lunges is one of the wonderful exercises helps your hips to be strong. To do this exercise first you have to stand tall on your feet shoulder-width apart to step ahead with your right foot to land on your left knee and then on forefoot. Take special care to keep  your knees in 90 degrees. Stand on forward leg with the help of  back leg, alter the leg and repeat this exercise again. This is very good exercise for your weight reduction.

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10 Single Leg Balance

This exercise make to feel relax and helps a lot in loosing your weight. You can do this exercise very easily by balancing your left leg and bend forward at the waist by keeping your body position straightly, now expand your right leg towards the top limit by maintaining a slight bend in your left knee. Then raise your upper body to the original position. Repeat this exercise for few times for better results. So, do this single leg balance exercise sincerely to get good results.

By following this 10 simple exercises you can surely loose your surplus weight because all these exercises strengthens yours body and can bring down your calories

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