This Certified Trainer and Nutritionist Lost 80 Pounds Using This Diet Method

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Mallory King is a 27-year-old certified trainer and nutritionist with her own wellness blog, but she wasn't always this focused on being healthy. She shares with POPSUGAR that she remembers being overweight ever since she was in elementary school. She was constantly teased about her weight, she said, and heartbroken about it. It wasn't until a doctor warned her at age 16 that she was "on the road to obesity" that she started her weight-loss journey and taking better care of herself. Read about how Mallory lost 80 pounds using the popular diet IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros).

Mallory: Before

Mallory shares, "I was overweight ever since the 3rd grade. I started realizing it when I was in 5th grade and kids began to tease me for it. I remember being so heartbroken because up until that point I felt good about myself."

The teasing continued, and when she started playing soccer in sixth grade, she began comparing herself to how the other girls looked, noticing that she was the biggest one.

"It never crossed my mind that things could be different. I thought it was just the way things were and I'd always be overweight. But I wished I was skinny and up until I was 16 my wish was only rooted in feeling prettier and more accepted by others," she told POPSUGAR. "It was never for my health or myself, until I stepped on the scale at the doctor's office at 16 and saw the number 217. I rarely weighed myself and could not believe I was that big. I'm only 5'3" so this was a lot for my frame."

Mallory's Weight-Loss Journey Begins

Mallory's doctor warned her that she was "on the road to obesity," increasing the likelihood of her getting diabetes, heart problems, and a whole lot more medical issues. "The word obesity terrified me. I knew I was overweight, but obese? Obese meant I had completely lost control of my health. I was ready to get it back. I was ready to take charge and change my story. I was going to create a healthier and happier future."

Mallory's Ups and Downs

From 16 to 21 years old, there was a lot of trial and error for Mallory, falling down and getting back up. Her lifestyle was completely unhealthy so her focus was to acquire healthy habits, working on one thing and then the next. "First I began being more mindful of my portion sizes. Then when that really stuck for me I began making healthier swaps in my diet like ordering a side salad instead of fries. And then I began exercising."

In college, her unhealthy habits began to creep back, so at age 21 (in 2012), she shares, "I put the pedal to the metal and committed to a healthier lifestyle FOR GOOD. Around this time was when IIFYM began gaining popularity. I did my research on it and it made so much sense to me. You can have pizza, cookies, etc and still be healthy or lose weight but you just need to be mindful of your portions and overall diet. HECK YES! I was in."

Mallory Lost 100 Pounds!

She calculated her macros and began logging her food intake on MyFitnessPal. "It was such an easy diet to stick to. I was learning proper portions and balance which were habits that I knew would help me keep the weight off. I also started educating myself on the benefits of strength training for women."

"After two years of this I got down to 120 pounds. I had lost almost 100 pounds from my highest weight!" Mallory said. "I am currently sitting at around 145 pounds, which is an easier weight for me to maintain and also increases my strength in powerlifting."

Mallory: After

When dieting to lose weight, Mallory consumes around 1,600 calories a day. She eats 120 grams of protein and fills the rest of her calories with carbs and fat. "As long as I hit my protein while not going over my daily calories, I allow carbs and fat to fall where they will. Overall calories and consuming enough protein is key to cut fat." To maintain her weight, Mallory enjoys around 2,000 calories a day.

What Mallory Eats in a Day

Mallory admits she's a creature of habit, and eats the same things most days.

Breakfast: 1 egg, 1 egg white, serving of diced potatoes or whole grain toast, and bacon, or oatmeal with a scoop of protein powder.
Lunch: Salad with chicken breast, spinach, and different toppings each day to switch things up. "Currently I'm obsessed with adding low-sugar BBQ sauce, carrot chips, tortilla strips, and Greek yogurt ranch."
Afternoon snack: Greek yogurt
Dinner: "My husband and I eat a very different diet but do come together to choose something that works for the two of us for dinner. Because I'm consistent in all of my other meals it's never difficult to fit in dinner, and I enjoy the flexibility."

Mallory Still Eats Dessert!

Mallory explains, "This diet is the same whether I'm maintaining or cutting, however the one thing that's different is my dessert. A HUGE reason why I've seen success with IIFYM is due to the fact that I can still enjoy my favorite foods. My absolute favorite food is ice cream. Every single night I have a bowl of ice cream. When I'm dieting I usually have a pint of Halo Top because it's easier to fit. I like Halo Top but of course I love the real deal ice cream, so when it's time to maintain I look forward to my 1-1.5 serving(s) of ice cream every night!"

Mallory's Workouts

Mallory's workouts have changed drastically over the years as she's gained experience, experimenting with different outlets of exercise. She began with 20-minute walks every other day and slowly increased from there — today she's into powerlifting.

"I think it's so important to start with something realistic to your fitness level and then slowly work your way up to more intense workouts. And if you experiment with different outlets, in time you will find something you love!"

Mallory loves fun ways to get in cardio like hiking, biking, or swimming, and when she's trying to lose weight, she typically does more consistent cardio. Currently she's a powerlifter and lifts three times a week. "I absolutely love lifting and the badass feeling it provides me."

Mallory's Motivation

Mallory believes that motivation isn't something worth relying on. "Most days I don't feel like going in the garage and lifting those weights. But I just remember how good it will feel when I hit that next PR or do my next powerlifting competition." That's part of the reason she stays committed.

"I remind myself of that 16-year-old girl who was borderline obese and how lost she felt," Mallory says. Her journey started with trying to create habits, and so creating a habit out of exercise is what she relies on more than motivation.

Mallory's Non-Scale Victories

"Non-scale related goals are so important to have throughout your journey to keep you encouraged when the scale is pissing you off (because I promise, the scale will piss you off sometimes)," Mallory says. Her main focus outside of the scale was seeing herself getting stronger and more fit in the gym. "I love hitting gym PRs and pushing myself to the next level."

This journey also gave Mallory confidence in herself. "It showed me that I AM in control of my future, and that if I'm determined enough I can do anything I want in life. It's an empowering feeling, and it makes me feel good to know I put my mind to something and got it done. I've gone on an inner journey over the years and can say that that's truly what gave me acceptance in myself."

Mallory's Advice

Mallory's best piece of advice for those on their own weight-loss journeys is to remind yourself every day of the three P's to success — positivity, patience, and persistence. "You must have all three of these qualities if you want to reach any goal in life. You must believe in yourself and your ability. You must commit to the journey long-term, and you must understand that you will face hurdles, but if you stay committed you will push past them and reach your goal."

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