These superfoods from all over the world need to make it to your diet

By Marie Bladt

From spirulina to matcha and chia seeds, these are the most nutrient-rich, detoxifying and energizing ingredients to add to your diet. Emma Sawko – founder of healthy food hotspots Comptoir 102 in Dubaï and Wild & the Moon in the Marais – compiles the best feel-good superfood heroes.


Origin: A Japanese green tea ground into powder, Matcha was historically used during tea ceremonies. An age-old remedy reserved for the emperor and his elite before conquering China, matcha is considered a mediation drink amongst Samurais.
Benefits: “Matcha is very high in antioxidants. It’s the perfect alternative to coffee as is high in theine, which gives you lots of energy!”


Origin: Turmeric – also known as Indian saffron – is a plant originating from South Asia. Its ‘rhizome’ (the underground part of the plant) is dried and crushed into a powder, giving way to a miracle spice popular in several traditional Asian cuisines.
Benefits: “Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory, but it’s also a great natural antiseptic for the skin, as well as aiding digestion.”


Origin: Maca, or Peruvian Ginseng, is a Peruvian plant considered sacred by the Incas and used to boost fertility and virility.
Benefits: “Very good for boosting the immune system, toning the body and combatting stress, it also holds unique aphrodisiac powers for a healthy way to raise the libido.”


Origin: Chaga, which grows in birch forests, is considered one of the most nutrient-dense mushrooms in the world.
Benefits: “It’s the mushroom of immortality. Full of antioxidants, it’s an excellent anti-aging tool, reducing inflammation and giving the immune system a healthy boost.”

Chia seeds

Origin: Chia is a plant from Mexico and Guatemala. Its seeds were a crucial foodstuff for the Aztecs, allowing them to perform better than their enemies, both intellectually and physically.
Benefits: “Translated literally as ‘strength’ in Mayan, the chia seed is an essential source of plant-based protein with an extraordinary level of Omega 3 to boot. Its great advantage is its adaptability, blending in easily in smoothies, salads, juices or even desserts.”


Origin: Spirulina is an algae dating back over 3 million years. Part of the cyanobacterium and blue-green micro-algae family, it is grown all over the world today.
Benefits: “With its high level of plant-based protein, this detoxifying superfood is an excellent source of iron and beta-carotene. There’s nothing like it for boosting the immune system.”

Translated by Isabelle Johnson and Mini Smith.

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