These 10 Exercises Burn Over 500 Calories in Just 60 Minutes..

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by Kelsey Clark

When it comes to selecting a workout, one of the most important criteria is the overall physical impact; you don't want to waste your time on exercises that have little to no effect on your health. Of course, one of the best ways to measure this is through calorie burn, or the amount of energy a type of workout causes you to expend in any given amount of time.

To that end, the Mayo Clinic recently compiled a list of 36 popular forms of exercises and their caloric impact on a 160-, 200-, and 240-pound person, as informed by research from the National Institute of Health. From there, The Independent ranked these exercises from most to least intense for a 200-pound person (seeing as the average adult American weighs roughly 200 pounds).

Bearing in mind differences by gender, body type, age, health history, injuries, and more, the following 10 exercises will burn 500 calories or more in just 60 minutes:

  1. Light or moderate lap swimming: 528 calories/hour
  2. Hiking: 546 calories/hour
  3. Rowing on a machine: 546 calories/hour
  4. High-impact aerobics: 664 calories/hour
  5. Running at 5 mph: 755 calories/hour
  6. Running on a StairMaster: 819 calories/hour
  7. Vigorous swimming: 892 calories/hour
  8. Soccer: 937 calories/hour
  9. Jumping rope: 1074 calories/hour
  10. Running at 8 mph: 1074 calories/hour

What workout do you turn to when calorie burn is you end goal? Share your recommendations in the comments below, and shop our workout essentials to get started.

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