The Truth About Zero Calorie Foods

The Truth About Zero Calorie Foods

The Truth About Zero Calorie Foods

Lets start with Zero calorie foods ..they're dieters dream, aren't they? You can have your cake and eat it too they promise to curb your craving and cure your sweet tooth without gaining weight . But what's the truth behind zero calorie food? Are they living up to their promise, or they cause you more harm than good?

Journalist and fitness expert Jenna Wolfe talks to viewers about why they eat zero-calorie foods. Plus, they take a look at the ingredients in them.

Zero calorie food, is now a movement, once upon a time, diet soda was the only zero calorie the menu is endless, so my question, who will be eating all this stuff and why?

Michelle, what is zero calorie means to you?

"zero calorie means, I could have as much as i want "

"I feel like i'm getting something for nothing... you've done the whole day totally guilt free zero calorie"

Here's the deal, forget the spelling... I can't even pronounce most of the food we've just said......I do wanna get skinny on what's what....... so i'm gonna take this bag of 0 calories food to the Culinary Institute of America to find out what the heck is in this stuff...



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