The Problem With Teatoxes..

Teatoxes are endorsed by celebrities and promise to help you slim down quickly but are they safe and worth your money? Naturopath Dr. Pina LoGiudice raises concerns about commercial teatoxes.


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So you've seen him in numerous Pinterest and Instagram posts about tea-toxes. From slender celeb endorsements to the incredible stories of people who swear they took off 10, 15 pounds in just a couple of days  weeks. How do you know which tea-toxes are worth your money? And which ones are safe?

Well, grab a pen because today we get the tea-tox decoder--to break it all down. Do you know which tea is best for weight loss? Which one is best for detoxing, even glowing skin so you look your best. Plus, Rhenotha is going to be here picking questions from my social media board so you get all your burning questions answered before the show is over. Now I even asked naturopathic expert Dr. Pina LoGuidice to look into some of the most popular all-in-one tea-toxes being advertised as quick fixes for weight loss. And we have them all here. They're all here. But listen, everybody. I took the labels off. You know why? Because people steal my picture with their labels. They put it online and say that I sell their products. So just to make it clean, there's no actual real labels here. But this is the stuff. So your big investigation, what did you find? Yeah. So it's actually pretty quite--this industry has been booming in terms of using celebrity endorsements to promote detoxification by using teas. And what they claim is that they can reboot your body, detoxify, reset you, slim you down, even lower cholesterol, and even lower heart disease. And for two cups a day at a big bang of $55 a month, I think it's a big to do.

So there are always concerns I think our audience should have when may see quick fixes. Right. And I want you, if you don't mind, to go through with some detail about the concerns you have about whether these can actually deliver the big promises they're offering. And what are some of the risks of taking these tea-toxes? Well, the problem that I have as a naturopathic doctor, is that these are combinations that you don't really know exactly what you're getting in there. So they make a lot of claims that, ok, they're going to detox you. But they don't actually say how or why. And the biggest reason as to how they detoxify you is through using laxatives, which a lot of people are not aware of can be harmful to your health. And the biggest ingredient that they use in these tea-toxes is an herb called senna. So on its own, senna is actually not controversial. It's FDA approved for a constipation. I recommended it in my practice.

But the problem is these detoxes, as you can see, are listed here. They're 14 day. Some are 28 day programs. And, really, senna should not be used more, at most, two weeks. So here's my issue. You've got the mixture of products, right? So I look in this and I see a lot of stuff. And I don't know what's in there. And I would never prescribe medications like that. No, never. I have a concern about the 55 bucks or whatever it costs. And I think to myself guys, the truth is all the benefits are from buying tea. So just get it a la carte. Right. Buy the teas you want, right? You get what you want, how much of what you want without all of that other stuff in there, and you save money along the way. So, just for you, we have made the decoder for these teas. That's what it's all about. It's about you controlling your destiny and saving money while you do it. So I'm going to put all the things you want from the tea-tox up on the screen. Look at the screen, right here. All right, we're going to decode which tea is good as a solution for each of these. So one is going to curb cravings, boost metabolism, lose weight, whatever the issue is. We are going to walk down this line.

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