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The New Exercise Our Fitness Director Can’t Get Enough Of

The New Exercise Our Fitness Director Can’t Get Enough Of

It’s called the kettlebell roller. Here’s why you should add it to your routine today



This kettlebell roller exercise may appear ridiculous. In fact, if you perform it correctly, you’ll kind of resemble a turtle stuck on his back.

But it’s an important move to add to your arsenal—no matter how silly it looks.


Your spine should be flexible enough to bend and extend without pain. However, most men have stiff backs from sitting or slouching all day. This makes spinal movement extremely uncomfortable. (You’ll know if you fall into this camp if the first rep of the kettlebell roller is a little painful.)

Rolling from your upper back to your hips on a padded mat massages and mobilizes your spine, protecting it from injury and enabling your body to move in its full range of motion. The key is to maintain a tucked, flexed body position the entire time.


Once you feel comfortable, add a kettlebell to the equation. The weight creates a bigger loading and stability challenge for your core. It’s even more difficult wen you add some overhead presses into the mix.



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