The Mediterranean Diet Meltdown


The Mediterranean Diet Meltdown

The current statistics in a world of obesity is frightening, especially when considering the direct correlations to illnesses and diseases. The increases in these numbers are not only affecting Americans but many more countries in the world, according to information from WHO (World Health Organization). Even though these figures are high, people who want to do something about it can, since they have effective regimens like the well-known Mediterranean diet as a weight loss option.


Current Obesity Trends

Based on the staggering figures from WHO, approximately 2/3rds of all Americans adults can be classed as overweight. All of the high calorie hamburgers, sundaes, French fries, sodas, cheese cakes, ice cream and other popular food items are taking its toll. Even though American maintains the lead, as in many other areas, they are not alone in this problem because many other countries are now following the same patterns. If these current trends are not halted, the prediction for 2030 is nearly half of all Americans may be obese. While this problem is big and massive to the world, the change that occurs can be drilled down to a one-on-one choice. This means, if no one makes a change, it is up to the individual to take the information that they have learned and act on it.


The Mediterranean Diet Is a Lifestyle

Acting on it requires making a change. This change, however, is not finding another fad diet because they can only compound the problems. Instead, it requires making life style changes in the foods that people eat on a daily basis.
This is one of the major benefits to the Mediterranean Life style approach. With a growing body of evidence from the medical world (i.e. Harvard School of Public Health, Dariush Mozaffarian MD. DrPH. and others in the medical community), this diet is known for its numerous health benefits. From helping to prevent diabetes to the protection of cardiovascular diseases, this is a life style change that can help people remain healthy even when they are out socializing with peers and colleagues.

The Mediterranean Diet Meltdown


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