The Key to Super Fast Weight Loss

The Key to Super Fast Weight Loss


Super fast weight loss: it seems to be almost a myth in the health world. It’s easy to get discouraged with the lack of real, helpful, and actionable information when it comes to shedding those few extra pounds, and doing it quick.

Some sites may “guarantee” quick and painless weight loss with some random diet or a 2 minute exercise. Let’s be real­ a lot of those sites are simply gimmicks looking to make a few extra bucks. There’s no real magic food that will ensure you lose 10 pounds by the next day. If there was, wouldn’t all the health experts be recommending it?


Instead, the real key to super fast weight loss requires effort and determination. But if you’re up for the challenge, you can and will see results, and see them fast.

The key? HIIT Workouts.

What are HIIT Workouts?

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It was one of the most popular exercises in the past year, and this workout has only gained more popularity in 2016. It involves a period of high intensity aerobic workout (something like sprinting in place, doing jumping jacks, etc.) performed at 80­95% of your heart capacity. Then, the workout is followed by a period of rest.

HIIT workouts really work the heart, making the heart rate skyrocket in the exercise period, allowing the heart rate to return to normal in the rest period, and then repeating the cycle again and again throughout the workout. The exact timing and pacing depends on the specific workout, but all HIIT workouts follow this same model to ensure fast weight loss.

These workouts can include a wide array of exercises, and are particularly known for being exhaustive. That’s why HIIT isn’t for the faint of heart. But if you want real results, HIIT workouts are sure to get you some.


How does HIIT Help With Super Fast Weight Loss?

The American College of Sports Medicine states that HIIT workouts have been shown to improve “fat and body weight loss while maintaining muscle mass”. One key problem with typical cardio workouts is that they are known to sacrifice muscle mass. HIIT workouts, however, because of their intensity, burn through fat instead of muscle. Because the body is working so hard and so intensely for a short period of time, fat is more effectively targeted. Burning fat directly translates to a decrease in weight loss.

If you consistently do HIIT workouts, and change up the duration and the type of routine, you’ll find yourself working hard, but also losing weight very quickly. The workout effectively targets fat, which will result in super fast weight loss, and also ensure you still look toned and fit because the workout doesn’t burn through muscle. It’s a win­win situation.

In Conclusion

If you want to achieve super fast weight loss, HIIT workouts are the way to go. Not only are these workouts super effective at targeting fat and body weight, they can help you look more toned than if you were to only do cardio. Additionally, they will keep you engaged and sweating hard, which makes working out a little more interesting than your daily run! Most aren’t more than 20 minutes long (and you can find HIIT workouts as short as 7 minutes), so you can easily implement them into your busy day to ensure you’ll be losing weight, and fast.

Short, intense, and effective: HIIT workouts are the way to go.


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