The FLASH Diet

Flash Diet Review

The flash diet requires you to take a photo of all the food you eat. The diet is based on the principle that by taking a photo of the food you eat you will make better food choices.


  • The dieter will tend to make better food choices, knowing that it will be photographed.
  • Having to take a photo of your food will force you to think consciously about what you are eating, and keeps you focused on your nutrition goals
  • When your food intake is photographed, areas where your diet that need improvement may become more obvious.
  • It will help to keep you honest. You cannot 'forget' some items or pretend that certain calories don't count, as you may with a food diary.
  • The food photos can serve as a reminder about nutrition goals such as having the right number of serves of fruit, veggies, dairy, protein, cereals/grains and good fats each day.
  • Taking a record of all the images to a dietitian will assist you in identifying gaps in your diet, and to give better feedback on the quality and portion sizes of some choices.



  • You can still eat whatever you want, as this type of motivation may not work for everyone.
  • It can be a hassle to take photos; not everyone will do it, it can be time consuming, you may forget, or it may be embarrassing when at a restaurant. The best diet is one that you can follow long term, and the flash diet may be difficult to stick to long term.
  • Some people may not realize what the poor choices are and what is too large a portion size. So identifying all food intake may not help in making better choices, without professional help or better guidelines.


If you have the discipline to take photos of all your food, this diet is a great way of self-monitoring. Otherwise, keeping a food diary may be an easier option. They should both work well in making you aware of what you are eating, and to give you a nudge to make changes to improve your diet. It may be worth doing the Flash Diet for just a short time every so often to give yourself that wake up call.




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