The Best Tea for Weight Loss..

Naturopath Dr. Pina LoGiudice explains how oolong tea can inhibit fat absorption and help you lose weight. Then, find out if you should be buying loose-leaf tea or tea bags.


So Oolong tea has something in it called polyphenols. And it actually has the highest amount of it. And so what Oolong tea does is very interesting. It has this very unique combination of caffeine and a powerful anti-oxidant that actually allow you to lose weight, that actually will inhibit fat absorption into the body. It's really quite remarkable. So the dose, do these have doses? Two cups per day, right? Yes. Two times a day. Try it out. And it's delicious. All right. Rhenotha let's go down to our social media board over there.

You got any burning questions about tea? All right, so--someone has a question for you, Dr. Oz. It says, Dr. Oz, I am interested in a tea-tox. Which is better? Loose leaf tea ot tea bags? Yes. Well, I definitely-- To the expert, Dr. Pina. I hands down say absolutely loose leaf tea because in loose leaf, you're actually getiing the full plant and not getting what's called a dust or fannings. So you're getting a much higher quality tea when you use the loose leaf. So what I recommend is if you want to-- when you're infusing your tea do two teaspoons. You put it in an infuser. There's something sensual about this, by the way. And it smells amazing. I guess throw a bag in there. And it smells because while you're-- It smells. You're really getting the plant. You're geting all senses in there. Then you put it in the boiling-- In the water. And you allow it to infuse for a minute before you start drinking.

So you really want to get all those [INAUDIBLE]. Does it cost the same the same, roughly, the tea bags? I think, roughly, it's the same. Because actually what most people don't realize is that they use one tea bag, and they toss it. So you're actually paying more, where, when you're using fresh loose leaf tea, and especially when I can recommend in the green tea family. You could use those teas over five, six times. You just add ore water to it? Just add more hot water. And actually the longer that you use the same leaves, the more anti-oxidants you're getting out of it. You got to be kidding me. Who would have thought of that? I know. Amazing. All the stuffs you learn of you're a naturopathic doctor. Isn't it the best? All right.  Social media guru Rhenotha ,what else you got there, questions? All right. Now, this girl, she done got turnt up over the weekend. She said I just spent my birthday weekend with my girlfriends over indulging in cocktails and fried foods. What is the best tea to drink if I've overeaten and I've overindulged? Help her out. She was just a bit hot mess all weekend. She's a hot mess. She definitely needs a reset. And you know what? Pina's got the answer when we return.

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