Super Fast Weight Loss

super fast weight loss

If you want a super fast weight loss plan, then try ditching fiber and eating some specific meals designed to shed pound fast. Finding healthy food for you is a tough task, you cannot always choose those foods that are healthy and cannot always rely on gym sessions to burn off excess calories.


There are many ways in which for super fast weight loss can be achieved; you can shave off inches in seemingly no time at all. Here are some amazing ways to achieve super fast weight loss:

Eat Only Three Small Meals Each Day

In order to lose weight; one should never skip meals. You strictly have to take all the three meals. Our bodies need energy and providing sufficient energy to the body is a must, one should never exchange feeling healthy for super fast weigh lose – I say do both! Skipping meals is not a solution; but a bad idea as the body loses all its energy by skipping meals and you can see no difference in weight, but when your body is healthy you can work out and have the best effects in the short period of the time.

Avoid Too Much Fiber

Fiber is essential for health – that we know for sure.  However, fiber isn’t able to always be fully digested – meaning it sits in the digestive tract; this results in a host of problems, including bloated stomach, excess gas, lack of energy, and ultimately excess body fat.  So, you need to eat some fiber, but too much of it should be avoided.

Eat Carbohydrates For Super Fast Weight Loss (but only a few days a week)

You can eat pasta, potatoes, and even bread – but only two or three days a week, at most.  Like anything in life, carbohydrates are not bad in moderation.  They only become a problem when you eat carbs in excess; that can hinder super fast weight efforts. One can eat pastas, potatoes and bread as well, but only two or three days a week.

Avoid Foods That Are Not Solid

One of the strangest, but most interesting tips for super fast weight loss is to avoid eating foods that are not solid.  In other words, drinking too much liquid or eating soft foods often requires little chewing.  Chewing is a very important psychological factor in weight loss  Chewing sends signals to our brain that we are eating, often signaling the brain that you have eaten enough.  Consuming mostly liquids or soft, pre-digested, or processed foods often fails to signal the brain to stop eating.  When engaged in a superfast weight loss plan, aim to eat nutritious foods that are solid and raw when possible.


Eat Some Dark Chocolate

Great news for the chocolate lover, dark chocolate can be a great complement to any super fast weight loss plan.  Now don’t go overboard – just a small piece of dark chocolate will curb your sweet tooth, provide a boost of energy, and give you a healthy dose of antioxidants.

When you are going to follow a plan for super fast weight loss, then you should focus on minimize your consumption of empty calories from sugar, alcohol, and simple carbohydrates. Losing weight is no easy task – however dedication to a super fast weight loss diet will produce the results you are looking for.



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