Stop unhealthy cravings

Are you addicted to food? That even if you are not very hungry, immediately you set your eyes on a particular meal, automatically, you must have that specific food. Emotional cues regularly stimulate cravings, but then it is fueled by physiological ones as we tend to imagine what it would be like to eat the food we want to have. You can't think of anything else until you gulp down that meal.

Unhealthy craving for specific foods makes you pile up excess calories in your body making weight loss a distant dream.


For super fast weight loss, you must gain control of your cravings. To do this you need much more than wishful thinking, and you must get at the root cause of the food cravings.

You can curb your cravings more easily than you may think. Here are some few easy steps.

Eating Breakfast:

Are you a big snacker? Eating breakfast would help you curb your snack attack a lot better.

Breakfast is a critical meal because it gives good kick-starts your body's metabolism, helping you burn calories throughout the day.

Skipping this morning meal can throw off your body’s rhythm, increasing your cravings and studies have linked eating breakfast to good health, as it includes some of the best diets for weight loss.

Don't Allow yourself get extremely hungry:

Eat when you are slightly moderately hungry as being extremely hungry increases your cravings, making it out of control. Getting this hungry makes you crave calorie-dense foods to satisfy your body's panic that you won't be able to get enough.

Avoiding long periods of hunger, you will be able to stop the craving from showing up at all.

Distract Yourself From your Craving:

Before you start gnawing on whatever your mind wants, try to distract or distance yourself from it, take a few minutes to drink a glass of water or you can take a brisk walk this separation gives you the time and space to shift your mind onto something else. A change in environment and thought may help prevent the craving.

Another option is sipping something warm, like a cup of herbal tea. This helps stimulates the vagus nerve which helps manage digestion and can decrease cravings, particularly for sugary foods.

Now you know the simple changes to get your life back. Go for it!


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