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Stool transplants, Do they help lose excess weight?



Fecal transplants already emerge to be helping treat the hospital-acquired superbug C. Difficile, and they're also being assessed against ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. However, could the radical treatment go so far as to help overweight people lose excess weight and not gain it back again? Scientists at the University of Toronto are studying the impact of and mechanism behind stool transplants as part of a $1.5 million project, informs Canada's National Post.


Gut bacteria have already been shown to be varied between thin and obese individuals. "If you, who are skinny, and I, who is a little bigger, consume the same amount of food sources, you’ll suck up less nutrition and I’ll suck up more. It is so because my bacteria processes the food in a manner that I’ll suck up more," one scientist shares with Vice.

Publishing in Nature Genetics journal, research investigators say that by analyzing more than 1,500 healthy participants they've encountered four key genetic markers related to gut microbiome transformations—which hint at genetics, not merely eating program, playing a huge role in your gut flora.



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