Single Arm Shoulder Press Expert Level

This exercise is the single arm shoulder press. Now we have Erika sitting in the ball. I have her move to the front of the ball and she's sitting here with her knees together and bent at 90 degrees she's sitting nice and tall with her abs fully contracted.

I'll gonna have her raise her right arm out to the side to stabilize  herself and then bring her other arm bicep curling up in and actually rotate to the starting point of the shoulder press. Working this shoulder muscle here, she’s gonna press the way up and over top of her head, to that center line and then bring it back down. Like we keep saying2 seconds up and then 2 seconds down. Inhale as the weight comes down; exhale as you press the weight back up. Once you finished 10 reps on one arm, then switch over to the other arm. Always take note that there are one arm stronger than the other, Never go to a heavier weight on your stronger arm until your weaker arm can do the same weight. Pressing up, and coming down slowly, always don’t go too deep and don’t press up to where you 'll lock your elbow out. Take 2 sets, that means 10 reps on each arm then move on to the next exercise.

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