Simple, Easy, and Fast Weight Loss Plans

Simple, Easy, and Fast Weight Loss Plans | Bob Smith | Bob Smith

So many people make losing weight quickly and easily incredibly difficult. You can never be sure which diet or which fitness trend is really going to work, and besides, who wants to go on some crazy diet or fitness plan just to lose a few extra pounds?

If you’re looking for some fast and easy weight loss plans, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll start by focusing on your diet, and then build step­by­step to add in exercise to jumpstart your metabolism and get rid of those few extra pounds for some excellent results.


Step #1: Get a large water bottle, and drink more water. 

Drinking more water is proven to help kickstart your metabolism, which is incredibly important if you want to start off your fast weight loss plan on the right foot. By drinking at least 16­17 ounces of water a day, you will keep your metabolic rate high, which will help you burn more calories without having to do any real physical activity.

Implement this into your routine by waking up every morning to drink a glass of water, and keeping a large water bottle on your desk to help you increase your water intake.

Step #2: Cut out the unhealthy foods.

After you’ve managed to increase your water intake, the next step is to cut out all the unhealthy foods you’ve been eating. You know those late night sweets and heavy carb dinners? It’s time to say goodbye, at least for now.

You’re going to want to cut out any foods that are high in carbohydrates and high in sugars. Also, say goodbye to any highly processed foods. Moving away from things like fast food is incredibly important when it comes to losing weight, and quickly at that. The extra sugar, carbs, and fat make gaining weight far too easy.

The easiest way to implement this into your life is taking away the option of eating those foods. So throw away or donate those extra bags of chips sitting in your pantry, and get rid of any extra candy in your fridge. Make sure you don’t have any plans to grab fast food with your friends (or if you are planning to go out to dinner, make sure the restaurant has some healthy alternatives).

This step is about staying away from foods that will make weight loss a lot more difficult.


Step #3: Add in healthier foods.

Eating healthier simply involves trying out different foods and seeing what you like the best. There’s a myriad of healthy options available, so don’t restrict yourself to just one food if you don’t like it.

That being said, you want to replace the unhealthy snacks you’ve been munching on with fruits and vegetables, particularly dark green, leafy vegetables. Those are filled with nutrients, water, and are low calorie. Many vegetables such as celery and carrots will also leave you feeling far more full than those mindless potato chips you were binge eating.

On top of that, do your best to incorporate more nuts, eggs, and fish into your diet. All of these foods are rich in nutrients and also low calorie, meaning they’re healthier for you and will also decrease your daily calorie intake.

 Step #4: Workout 3 times a week.

Working out should be the last step you incorporate into your routine, because while important, diet is far more important when it comes to losing weight quickly. However, with the right workouts, you can accelerate your weight loss even more.

The workouts don’t have to be long, arduous or difficult. HIIT workouts, high intensity interval training workouts, are actually the most effective if you want to shed those extra pounds. You can find simple and fast HIIT workouts on Youtube. Most don’t last more than 20 minutes, which means they’ll be easy to squeeze into your routine.

Overall, losing weight doesn’t have to be difficult! Implement these four steps and you’re sure to say adios to those extra few pounds, look more toned, and feel more energized. It’s all about making small changes with big impacts.


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