Shoulder Press Advanced Level

This exercise is the shoulder press. What were gonna do is we have Erika sitting in the ball, keeping yourself in the front side of the ball, with your knees bent at 90 degrees and your legs press together, We’re doing this because were increasing the difficulty of the exercise coz now, you really gonna have to keep the core area nice and tight to keep your stability while you’re sitting on the ball.

Go in to the starting position for shoulder press which is bicep the weights up, then externally rotate the hands so the dumbbells are right on the ears level. From this position, I want you to press your arm straight up in top over top of your head, but always keep a slight bend in the elbow. Come back down, like we keep telling you, 2 seconds up 2 seconds down is as fast as you should do this exercise. Exhale as you press up, inhaling as you come back down. Always focusing on those core muscles keeping it tight so you don’t wiggle around on the ball. Do these exercises 10 times then increase to 15 times when you can do the 2 -3 sets we recommend you to do. Don’t increase the weight too quickly as your shoulder muscles aren’t very strong and they need time to slowly progress to this exercise. Once you’re done with 10 reps, you can move on to the next exercise.

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