This Is What The Shape of Your Butt Says About Your Health

The size of one’s butt may say a lot about the overall health of a person. It is commonly believed that fat storage anywhere are terrible for the body, but this may not be entirely accurate.

Researchers have known for awhile that where the fat is stored in the body determines the health of the person. Fat storages near the chest or in the trunk of the body are far more dangerous than fat stored in the butt or the hips.


Fat in the hips “…keeps the fatty acids away from the heart, the arteries, and the liver to lower your risk of heart disease and other debilitating problems like diabetes. Since your body is ultimately programmed to decide whether to store the fat in the butt region or the stomach region, it is said that, in women, the hormones that direct and distribute fat are actually doing this to protect the heart by building up the buttocks.”

It has also been noted that those with slightly bigger backsides may also be more intelligent.

“Results found women with bigger backsides tend to have lower levels of cholesterol and are more likely to produce hormones to metabolize sugar. Having a big butt requires an excess of Omega-3 fats, which have been proven to catalyze brain development.” In other words, big butts are associated with higher Omega-3s. And Omega-3s are known to promote brain health.

So having a bigger butt than average is not necessarily a bad thing, but there are some things one can do to help remove some excess fat from that area and make the bottom a bit stronger and the body healthier.


A square-shaped base could mean many things. Maybe the person has a bit of fat around the love handles, or maybe the person exercises but does not have strong glutes. Some simple core exercises or glute exercises are just the things to reduce excess fat around the waist and make the glute muscles nice and strong.

Round Around

A circle shape is good and healthy. It also means that there may be some fat storages near the top in the upper part of the glutes. It is easy to remove any extra fat from the bottom if needed.

Heart Shaped Bum

This is probably the most desirable bottom shape. This butt is fullest at the bottom and tapers out at the top near the waist. However, this bottom shape could also mean extra weight stored in the upper thighs. This bottom type also tends to lose fat faster when women age. With time, it will move to the mid-section. Getting extra fat out now may be best for future health.

“V” Patootie

The V shape is most common in older women as fat stored in the buttocks starts to move up due to decreasing estrogen levels. If you start to notice the upward movement of fat, amp up activity and glute exercise before it settles in a less healthy spot. It doesn’t hurt to increase your ab exercise regime too!

How to Tone your Bum

Be sure to stretch out those muscles before attempting this workout.  All you need is 5 minutes a day to tighten your glutes and upper thighs.

1. Ski Squat

Beginning in a standing position with feet close together (slightly pointed outwards) and back straight, inhale and bend down into a squat until your elbows reach the outside of the knees, and return to original position, squeezing glutes, pressing into your heels, and exhaling on the way up. Make sure not to tuck your head in or round your shoulders as you perform this exercise. Continue smooth repetitions for 40 seconds.

Jog in place for 5 seconds, then move onto the next item on this list.

2. Sumo Squat

Start in a position similar to the ski squat but with your feet wider than a shoulder’s width apart. As you squat, your elbows should touch the inside of your knees and your knees should stay in line with your ankles the shoulders and arms inside of the knees. Back flat, gaze forward. Continue smooth repetitions for 40 seconds.

Jog in place for 5 seconds.

3. Pop Squat

Start in the same position as the sumo squat. As you squat, reach down and touch the floor with one hand and lift the other arm straight back. Jump up and bring your feet together and back out.  Immediately reach and touch the floor with the other hand. Repeat, alternating hands and jumping between squats for 40 seconds.

Jog in place for 5 seconds.

4. Squat Hold

With feet slightly wider than the shoulders, squat with back straight and lean forward with arms bent. Keep weight in the heels and hold the position, staying as low as you can. When it starts to burn, stand up straight, stretch, and repeat the squat. Repeat for 40 seconds.

Jog in place for 5 seconds.

5. Squat Pulse

Assume the same position as the Squat Hold. Using upper thigh and glute muscles, move slightly up and back using smooth movements. Shake and stretch out as needed. Continue for 40 seconds.

Jog in place for 5 seconds.

6. Jump Squat

This move is just like a Pop Squat without touching the floor. Move your arms back as you jump up and together in front as you squat. Land softly on the balls of your feet. Shake and stretch out as needed. Continue for 40 seconds.


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