Ruth's Soups --How to Make The Best Chicken Soup Ever [Video Recipe]

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How to make Chicken Soup

Welcome to I’m going to be kicking off my site with some really good soup recipes and this is what better place to find the best Chicken soups than my mother who makes the best, healthiest soups ever and I’m really looking forward today to showing my audience how to make a very healthy and lean mean soup.

So we are going to get started today and also you are going to have an article as well I’m going to post some information, so not only you are going to have a video but I’m also going to have some content for you so you can simply copy the recipe and really make something special for your family and make it light and healthy to help you not only for weight loss but for your health and wellness goals and make you feel better. Chicken Soup, my best!

My mother, MY BEST FRIEND, is making chicken soup. Probably the healthiest soup you can eat, known for all sorts of benefits including weight loss, health and wellness. I mean you name it, you want to feel better, colds and flu’s. This is going to be great stuff and get ready for this. You’re watching a genius in action.

Now what I do is what most people don’t do because I learnt from an original. I learnt from Rose, Rosenfield, who at the time did not have the best “kitchen hygiene” that we have today.

Chickens used to come with all the feathers on them, I only buy kosher chickens. They are the tastiest, the healthiest, the cleanest and I buy a nice big fat kosher chicken and then all I do is just pick out the fat and if there’s any remnants of any feathers I ensure I just pick them out but you need to use the skin because it is the skin that gives the amazing taste even though you have to skin the fat from the top afterwards.

If that doesn’t look tasty I don’t know what does. I want everybody to keep in mind dinner is 5 ½ hours. It’s Friday approximately 12:40. My mother is making dinner of a party of 7 and it may be 8 people and she’s making this soup which typically tastes, you usually prepare the day before.

Because the taste, it’s tastier from the day before because the chicken is soaked in liquid.

This is the best soup maker in the world making her soup in a few hours. You’re watching an expert soupier.

The first thing I do is I boil the water because that way the water is really sterilized.

Now how long does that stay on there, the hot water?

The hot water stays there till it’s complete. Now I’m putting in there, 3 sticks of celery and 3 sticks of spring onions we call scallions. I peel the onion and this onion ii will put ½ inside. I wait about ½ an hour and then I put the carrots in because I don’t want them getting too soft. I’m going to put boiling water from the kettle on it to kill all the bacteria.

The water has boiled and what we do, we pour it on the chicken and it shrinks off the fat.

Chicken Soup

So it makes its own broth by you doing this?

Of course and then it got plenty of water it deteriorates. Then you get pepper, black pepper then you’ve got plenty of black pepper in it and some dale. You can use parsley as well.

So you have in there, your onion, you have your scallion, you have 3 pieces of celery, you have dale and in 30 minutes you’re going to put in carrots. I always put in giant carrots then I’ll put in small carrots later. I put in a parsnip which absolutely gives it amazing taste. You put in a turnip and you put in a parsnip.

How long does this chicken sit here?

The first phase is an hour and a half then. When it starts falling to pieces, I start talking off the skin. The first half now is we got to cook it. Now the best way to cook it, put it on “4” keep an eye on it put a wooden spoon there.

(It’s now 2 hours later.)

The soup has deteriorated as you can see evaporated and I do two things now. I now have it on 2. I add some more carrots and I add a little ginger. You can do French ginger or ground ginger. It just gives it a good taste and pushed them to the bottom and you put your wooden spoon in the middle and you see if it’s coming off the bone.

When it comes off the bone we take all the skin off but because of the water evaporating I just get rid of some of the fat. We just skim the top for the fat and throw that out because you don’t want to eat that fat.

Chicken Soup

Great weight loss tip…

I’ll be adding a little more water. Then another 30 minutes, the carrots and then we skim it, it’s coming off. We leave it on number 2 for another 20, 30 minutes. We haven’t used any salt at all, only pepper. This is the only thing that really is not 100% natural.

I’ve skimmed the fat off the top it’s a lovely color now, the vegetables and the chicken. Then we take off the skins and the bones.

So you’re saying now this soup is ready to go and ready to serve.

Ready to go and ready to serve. There is nothing that isn’t pure except for the chicken stuff that gives it a little bit of taste.

Now is there a brand of chicken stock you prefer?

“Osem Consomme”.

This concludes the chicken healthy, weight loss, health and wellness, just healthy chicken soup that’s easy to prepare. It only takes about 3 ½ hours. I hope you enjoyed this. Thank you.


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