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Yikes! How am I supposed to do that? I know right? I was expecting the question.

You know how Mathematics has it that distance is measured in meters? Well the unit of measurement of energy in each serving of food taken into the body is in calories. The word ‘calorie’ has often been adopted to explain something bad but calories literally help provide energy to the body.


In other words, they are the worth or content of the food we take in. Every source of food has its own measure of calories. Calories when excessively taken could be very harmful to the body, just like cholesterol. Some people get really scared whenever they come in contact with a weight scale… Does this relate to you? Then you have got to cut down on your calorie intake! I know how tempting it is to eat junk and all that, but foods rich in carbohydrates and fats and oil will only increase your calorie level, thereby denting your super fast weight loss plans.  Self-discipline is the key to curbing excessive calorie build up in your muscles. A few tricks you can try to help reduce your daily caloric intake include: Try using smaller plates and bowls as well as smaller serving and eating utensils, smaller bowls make small food look bigger than they actually are. Start a meal with a salad and also drink a glass of water before the meal to help reduce your appetite. You could also reduce calorie intake by food substitution i.e. replacing calorie-rich foods with calorie-poor ones. An example of food substitution from calorie-rich food with a calorie-poor one is the substitution of potato salad with roasted red skins.

Potato salad, is a staple in the summer BBQ scene, weighing in at about 460 calories per serving, potato salad is a definite bulker and body calorie builder. Therefore your options are either to enjoy in serious moderation or avoid potato salad all together this year's summer if you're watching your weight! Try roasted red skins instead!

It is mostly said that “if you want to lose weight very fast”, you need to walk 2000 steps more and eat 100 fewer calories, as these will help you stay at a healthier weight.

Calories are very brave enemies to your body goals and cutting them down by reduction of intake and by burning them off via exercise and other habits, is no tyranny.


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