Being overweight is common in our society today. In certain societies in the US, up to 1 in 3 adults are overweight. Several regimens have risen to guide people who are willing to lose weight on how to lose weight very fast and one of these methods is recalibration, also known as record-keeping.

Record keeping is an important tool in your superfast weight loss journey. It is important to not underestimate or overestimate the amount of calories you burn and that is why keeping a food record or journal on how many calories you're taking in (kilojoules in) and how many you're burning (kilojoules out). Get yourself a food journaling partner if at all possible.


Taking stock of any and all of the positive changes that new eating habits have brought you is necessaryEach day write down how your weight loss regimen is making you feel healthier. Focus on the feelings of better health, and not on getting thin. You may find yourself more motivated to continue working towards your goal, especially on days when the scale isn’t moving or smiling. Instead of focusing only on the changes you are not seeing yet (i.e. a drop in your scale weight), it is better to focus on the benefits you are noticing.

Those who write down everything they eat and the weight they shed are often more successful at losing weight than those who don't. Concretely facing what you're eating puts it in a fresh light -- you'll notice patterns and be forced to look at your bad habits and if they disgust you enough, it will energize your zeal to follow your weight loss regimen to the end.

Celebrate your ‘small’ victories. You don’t want to feel like you are far away from the finish line – celebrate each milestone as you achieve it along the way. Fitness and weight loss, no matter how fast you might want to go is more of a marathon than a sprint. By setting and recording small weekly or monthly goals, you will be able to track your progress which will keep you motivated to continue working towards achieving them.

While celebrating your success from your record, it is important to reward your righteousness and discipline. When you records show you have been good to your body, treat yourself! Find a reward that inspires you- a new pair of sneakers or workout outfit will do, a new music CD for your jogging or pamper your feet with a pedicure for all of your efforts. You might be surprised – that gold-star, pat-on-the-back goes a long way towards helping you stay motivated, as no one can motivate you better than yourself.

Remember it is very necessary to note how far you’ve come. Keep myself motivated by setting new goals when you’ve reached one, you will figure you can always add on a few more minutes of exercise in your journal, push yourself just a little harder, do a few more crunches, pick up heavier dumbbells, eat a little healthier and watch those extra pounds vanish.


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