To lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume and one of the ways to achieve that is through portion control. Avoid eating food directly from the bag; put a portion in a bowl or on a plate and then pack the container safely away before you eat to avoid eating more than necessary. There are several ways to achieve portion control and it doesn’t mean you have to eat tiny food all the time.

This simple way to eat less by measuring every portion you take, helps you to watch the quantity of what you consume. To achieve this, begin by measuring portion sizes. Consider buying a food scale or measuring cups and bowls. Use these daily to measure all meals and snacks.


Since the sizes of plates are getting bigger these days and this influences the amount of food we put in them, it is better to do away with the "clean your plate" habit, it forces you to eat more while trying to avoid having leftovers in your plate. If you eat clean on your plate now, you're probably overeating before you know it.

A new research has it that eating from a bowl does not only make you eat less, it also makes the food taste better. It is better to eat to eat from a blue bowl this is because, as other research has it, that the color of the bowl can either make us eat more (red), or help us eat less (blue). Bowl size can dictate how satisfied we feel after a meal. Smaller bowls make food feel bigger, and utensils can make us eat more (spoons) or less (forks). This psychology may be able to explain the theory of the “bowl food” which has made possible a number of different bowls according to what you can use them for. For instance, there is the huge popularity of the smoothie bowls, (a smoothie you pour into a bowl instead of a cup), there are breakfast bowls, broth bowls, burrito bowls, and, well, anything goes bowls. People literally put their foods in a bowl to make it more attractive and appear to be tastier than it really or some others do that just to cut down their portion size, either way, the food bowl theory works wonders, especially for one planning to lose weight soon.


Portioning out your food ahead of time helps you to avoid going back to take out more. For instance, when you take out the 10 chips you plan to eat as a snack and put them on a plate, you seal up the box or bag and then put it back in the pantry and close the pantry door, when you sit down at a table to enjoy your snack, you have already settled your mind to eat only 10 chips, going back for more becomes difficult. This helps to cut down your intake and make your weight loss journey a lot easier.


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