Environment is critical to the success of every weight loss program. for example how much easier it is, to avoid a freshly baked doughnut when you are away in the woods, versus sitting at a Krispy Kreme. There’s no contest there as it will definitely be easier in the woods, where you just can’t get one.

The idea for this tip is pretty simple, if you know you love chocolate chip cookies, then don't keep a plate of freshly baked cookies beside you.


Changing your environment offers you fewer opportunities to be tempted by off-limits foods. Therefore, you should design your environment for success. What are the foods you tend to be most successful with? Stock your pantry with those. Which ones make you feel addictive or overeat, or otherwise sluggish and unwell? Get rid of those.

There seem to be more toxic, addictive foods out there in the world than one could possibly count. And the fact remains that every single one of them is designed to make you addicted to them. Actually – this is their entire purpose. They are meant to get you addicted, so that you will purchase more, and the companies that make them will keep making more money.

Do well to keep these foods away from yourself as much as possible. You may not need to write them off completely, but always choose to be in healthier environments whenever possible.

This implies that your home should be stocked with nourishing foods that can fit into healthy diets. As a woman, If your husband or other family members in your home like to eat crap, do well to partition your food away from theirs.

Also, this means you should avoid restaurants that tempt you to make less-than-healthy choices, and that you may want to stay away from the snack bowl at parties or at work. You don’t have to, but  it makes it a whole lot simpler to be loyal and faithful to your plans if you aren’t being beckoned at from every single angle.

Here are some ways to change your environment if you aim to fulfill your fast weight loss plans:

  • If you are always tempted to stop for a coffee (and apple fritter) each morning, change your driving route and make your own coffee at home
  • Purge your fridge, freezer, and pantry of all off limit foods. Don't simply stick them in the freezer; candies, frozen cookies, and other snacks still taste good and you know it.
  • Stock your pantry and fridge with lots of healthy snacks, making it easier to make healthy choices.
  • Make temptations inconvenient. For instance, asking your coworkers to help you move the candy jar further away from you. Even a few steps away can make a great difference in the dent you'll make.


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