Proven Ways to Lose Belly Fat


Eat more protein.

Around 25%-30% of the calories in each gram of protein are burned in digestion, compared to only 6%-8% of the calories in carbs. Let’s do the math: you save 41 calories every time you substitute 50 grams of protein for an equal amount of carbs.

Don't be a couch potato.

In case you're a TV junkie, add up the number of hours you watch right now, and cut out all reruns—even if there's an episode of Seinfeld on you've never seen. Spend the time you save on your feet: in the gym or outdoors.

Pass on the potatoes.

No matter what form—mashed and baked, as well as French fries and potato chips. They raise insulin levels in your blood vessels triggering your system to stop burning—and start accumulating—fat. (Sweet potatoes are all right; they have more fiber and nutrition.)

Brush your teeth more often.

In a latest Japanese study of 14,000 people, researchers revealed that men who brushed their teeth frequently were slimmer than men who did not. Thank that minty-fresh flavor, which may make you less likely to snack between your meals.

Read labels.

Stay away from foods with "high-fructose corn syrup" in the ingredients list. Since 1971, consumption of this sugar substitute—which is applied to sweeten soda, commercial baked products, and even condiments—has increased more than 350% in the United States, paralleling the rise in obesity.

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Get off your ass.

Do every workout standing instead of sitting. "You are going to expend up to 30% more calories," says Joe Stankowski, C.P.T. Dips is the solution for the bench press.

Embrace yard work.

Do any form of physical activity—even those you try to avoid, such as mowing the lawn—as a chance to cut fat and condition your body. (However, make sure you use a push mower.)

Mix up your movements.

When you lift, do supersets in which you alternate between sets of lower body workouts and upper body ones. That way, your lower body will rest while your upper body will be working. "This allows you to work your muscles maximally with very little downtime between sets for a faster, more productive exercise," explains Craig Ballantyne, C.S.C.S.

Exercise blind.

Try letting go of the handles and closing your eyes when you are using the elliptical trainer. (Please-Be careful!) Without the visual feedback, your core muscle tissues will have to work harder to keep you balanced, burning down more calories.

Snack on dill pickles.

Yes! Because they have 1 calorie per slice.

Take larger steps.

When using the stair climber, skip one out of every 5 steps. After that - take one large step to get back to your normal walking pattern. This step maintains additional muscle, upping fat loss, says Cameron McGarr, C.S.C.S.

Rent motivation.

Once a week, watch a movie that motivates you to workout. Examples include: Rocky Balboa (for the gym), American Flyers (for cycling), Hoosiers (for team sports), and Chariots of Fire and Without Limits (both of them are running exercises).

Break a record.

Challenge yourself to run farther in the same amount of time—even if it's just one-tenth of a mile—every single exercise. This ensures you are always cutting more calories from one exercise to the next.




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