This Plate Makes Dieting Easier By Absorbing Your Food’s Excess Grease




The world is full of conflicting diet advice today. “Avoid cholesterol in all its forms!” “Oh wait, no — you can have ALL the eggs and bacon, as long as you’re not eating it with white bread!” But if there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s that extra-greasy food is probably not the best thing. Like, in general, if you can eat less grease that’s probably a good call.

Enter the AbsorbPlate. Created by ad agency BDDO Bangkok in collaboration with the Thai government health board, the plate is capable of absorbing up to 30 calories worth of oil. Not a whole lot per meal, but the caloric savings add up.


How the plate actually works is pretty simple: The design was inspired by the holes found on the surface of sponges. Each plate, then, contains 500 tiny holes that catch the excess grease pooling at the bottom of your Pad Thai noodles. Finish your meal, wash your plate, and do it all over again in a few hours.

The only semi-unfortunate news in all of this is that the plate is currently in the concept phase of development, and there’s no specific date for launch — yet. But seriously, how hard is it to punch some holes in a plate? Because, to paraphrase the AbsorbPlate’s promotional video, we know it’s greasy, but we just can’t stop ourselves.

Check out the full video below:



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