Planning a Spa Day At Home 

Everyone deserves a day off, especially if they work hard and spend their time helping others. One of the best ways to reward yourself and get the relaxation time that you deserve is to cut out a few hours to give yourself a luxurious spa day in the privacy of your own home. Since you're saving money on the trip to a spa, you're also giving yourself one less this to stress out about. Here are some tips in making your own home as comfortable as the fancy spa.

First, turn off all the distractions around you. That means no phone or television, which will keep your mind active and distracted. Instead choose soothing music or nature sounds. Dim the lights in your bathroom and take a bath. Use candles to provide lighting, but only if you aren't going to be stressed about the prospect of them burning the house down. Put on a soft a fluffy robe and the most comfortable socks or slippers that you own.

Next, choose a couple of beauty and relaxation treatments to try out. You may want to treat your hair with an intensive hot oil treatment for silkier tresses. You may want to wear a facial mask that meets the needs of your skin and problem areas. You may just want to take a nap, and that is alright too. Do your nails, give yourself a foot soak and pedicure, or draw a hot bath. Try out new soap or other beauty products. The only person you have to please in this is yourself, so relax and have fun.

Alambika Essential Oils

Alambika Essential Oils

Finally, consider giving yourself a relaxing mini massage. You can add certified organic essential oils, like those made by Alambika, to enhance the effect of the massage. While you may not be able to reach your back, you can easily massage your own feet, head, and hands, all key areas where people hold their stress. Look up acupressure points and try pressing those areas to see if you have any results. Throughout this relaxation session, practice deep breathing and think relaxing thoughts. By the time you are finished you should be feeling great.

Even though your home spa day is relaxing, it will ultimately be energizing as well. Don't let yourself get stuck in a cycle of stress. Take the time to treat yourself, because you're worth it.


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