Peanut Butter and Weight Loss Story of an Obese Mother

An overweight mother loses 200 pounds after cutting peanut butter out of her diet. Amy LeRoy, from Kentucky, once had 350 pounds. Dinner for the 29-year-old mother of two comprised of Taco Bell takeout, followed by a few slices of cake. She also had very harmful peanut butter addiction. Here she was at her heaviest weight.

In 2006, Amy gets gastric bypass surgery. But she still wasn't able to cut excess fat. Amy downloaded a calorie-counting application to her mobile phone. After learning she was consuming more than 4,000 calories a day, she decided to work for changes.

'Before I never took the time to understand what I was really eating, since understanding the nutritional content of what's going into my system my diet has considerably changed," she explained.

Amy started working out and eating healthy. That meant no more peanut butter by the spoonfuls and harmful snacks. "'I'd simply eat three large spoonfuls of peanut butter at a time, then I'd have snacks where peanut butter was high too," she said.

In the end, she ended up cutting more than 200 pounds. Amy has documented her unbelievable weight loss journey on her Instagram. "Now, since dropping excess fat I feel in fact confident, I can go out with my friends and feel like I can go to more places with my kids,'" Amy said.

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