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That’s too bad, because it’s an outstanding cartridge, but maybe the Super Blackhawk Bisley is the right vehicle to drive interest back into Ruger’s big bore pistol round. The trade-off is that wonderful transfer bar. Although the recoil is not inhumane, it is quite stout. And I am really surprised that I have such a hard time finding .44 Magnum ammunition. At least if it’s a square hit. I would dearly love to have one of these legendary six guns but the $2,000 plus price tag is beyond my retired cop’s pension. I found both the Hornady 325gr and Speer 275gr rounds at Cabellas and McBrides Gun Store here in Austin, Texas. Four Best USA Made Handguns Under $500 for 2018, https://engagedmediamags.com/magazine-subscriptions/outdoor/gun-world, Ruger Takes a Stand Against Sex-trafficking of Children, Galco International Makes the Best Holsters for CCW and Cowboy Carry, Winchester Model 94 Trails End Take-down in 38-55 Winchester, World-Renowned Case Double Blade Trapper, Is the Best Knife Ever, Ruger’s Small Pocket Pistol LCP II Lite Rack in .22 Long Rifle, If You Want to Get Rowdy, Bond Arms Has a Deal for You, Buffalo Bore .480 Ruger 275 grain Barnes XPB Lead, Buffalo Bore .480 Ruger 370 grain LFN (Lighter Load/Target), Buffalo Bore .480 Ruger 410 grain LBT-WFN GC. Barrel Length 6.5″ (4.62″ also available) Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley in 480 Ruger If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. I put over-sized in quotations because that’s what it’s referred to, but it’s absolutely necessary for a heavy recoiling revolver. That Larry dude of magna port has taken a lot of big game with a .44mag. Bottom line it isn’t like the old Rugers that would lose accuracy and need a new barrel every 20k rounds or so. To provide a little more perspective, this last season there were 15,000 antlerless licenses available for my county alone (although people only purchased something like 7,000 of them). An upgrade, like Bowen’s Rough Country rear sight, would go a long way to making the rear sight easier to see, as well as a bit more durable. I like single actions and appreciate shooting them more than 15 round pistols. However, I have found bullets around 400 gr very darned shoot able around the 1100 fps mark. I am pretty sure that GS650G was referring to single-action revolvers since you load them one round at a time (until the cylinder is full) and you unload them one round at a time (until the cylinder is empty). The Super Redhawk is a big gun that when scoped with a handgun optic like this Burris 1.5-4X weighs more than four pounds, but that weight helps make powerful cartridges like the .480 Ruger easier to manage. It’s a shame it never really caught on. But Buffalo Bore .454s still spook me. i’d like to try the bisley grip. Meat for weeks. Second shot is about 6″ low. Because, well, it isn’t. Ever since Sturm, Ruger & Company released the .480 Ruger in the love-it or hate-it Super Redhawk back in 2001, revolver aficionados have been brow-beating Ruger to release this cartridge in their popular single-action revolver lineup. I was looking at a blackhawk in either the 454 or the 480. And,… those 410s at that speed will still shoot through anything. And that’s why I like the big bores. Screw lock basepin and considerably harder steel than you have in other Blackhawks, and I believe the action may be blocked from the factory. If you have questions, comments or suggestions for new articles, contact us today! You could very likely do it yourself with hand tools and a little time. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This revolver, in terms of bullet weight and muzzle velocity, is right on par with that rifle. Accuracy * * * This Ruger’s Bisley grip, like the original on the Colt, helps to reduce recoil of any revolver by not only allowing a full purchase on the gun even if you have quite large hands, but also by allowing the gun to roll up and back during recoil. Hornady .44 Magnum far left, Hornady .480 Ruger Center, 410gr Hand Load Right. What hump?”. In a move that is pretty uncommon in the shooting industry, Ruger looked at the .475 Linebaugh and figured some shooters might actually want a bit less of a good thing. Many hunters who carry single action revolvers for a secondary weapon, seem to think they need to have a .44 magnum or a caliber of equal or greater power. Those Rugers with the Colt barrels are something unique, to say the least. probably well worth it. and i think the idea of fitting the bisley hammer is a great one. Just too big. Material: Stainless Steel But there’s no way in hell I could manage 50 rounds in one session even with the plinking loads. i remember being disappointed in ruger when i read the .480 was less stout than .460. even still those and the .500 are more than i want to deal with. Since the heart is in tact and there was trauma, the deer’s heart immediately jumps to maximum heart rate and promptly dumps nearly all of the deer’s blood into its body cavity (through the holes in its lungs), thus draining the deer’s brain and muscles of blood and oxygen. That hammer I mentioned seemed to have been a big chunk of the effort. That limestone is murder! The trigger on the .480 Ruger is, like every New Model Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk, or New Vaquero I’ve shot, disappointing. I dont think I’ve bought any factory 45 ammo in over 20 years. ©2020 Warriors and Sheepdogs. SGAmmo.com is my favorite. The round then traveled downward exiting through the plywood supporting the clay leaving an eight inch split and destroying my sawhorse supporting the whole enchilada. Out of Stock. From big game hunting to impenetrable home defense, the Ruger Super Blackhawk for sale has the power and performance to get the job done. The concern is that, although the average was an acceptable weight, the trigger pull had several ounces of range between different pulls. Some Kind Words for the .480 Ruger. The “Peacemaker’s” grip would follow the Colt Navy, and the Bisley would be only a slight variation on that theme. That becomes a problem. I would, however, recommend that you be sitting down when you look at the price for a box of 20 rounds. Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com). I have one of these, up to 140 rounds through it, and all I can say about it is . As an added bonus, because of its shape, the Bisley hammer is much less likely to catch on the draw than the standard up-swept type. Ruger's new Super Blackhawk revolvers in .480 Ruger and .454 Casull are excellent options for handgun hunters and fans of big-bore revolvers. Yeah, my wife runs a cosmetics counter so I’m guessing that bottle she gave me retails around $30. And that includes busting through a rib, guts, a hip and a femur. The commercial Hornady round shot 2 3/4” groups on average under the same conditions, and the Speer 275gr commercial offering shot the same average, but with a wider standard deviation. I have an old 6″ model 29 and can shoot full bore .44 mag loads no problem. We hope you enjoy reading our articles and viewing our photos. Thanks again for the review of a nice revolver for hunting just plain shooting. The recipe I have in mind is the Cast Performance 410 gr. Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley .480 Ruger on the bench (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com). So when I saw that Ruger released the Super Blackhawk Bisley in .480 Ruger, I had to have it. The foot pounds were awesome. I have 18 left of a 20 count box of “high veloicity” (but by the book) 475L loads collecting dust. And it’s downright comforting. Very tough to choose but I will. #222 of 1000 turnbull color case hardened & blued, rosewood grips with ruger insignia. Kinda the old 30-06 vs 300 win mag debate, Excellent review! The .454. It had a wide standard deviation. If you had to choose between the .480 Ruger and a 454 Casull as a “first” big-bore revolver, which would you recommend? Lipsey’s now brings you two options to accommodate the big bore single action revolver enthusiast. Preferably with Unique or 2400 powder. The Super Blackhawk in .480 Ruger comes with an “over-sized” locking base pin. The Freedom Arms .500 Wyoming Express with the 4 3/4″ barrel is everything the .480 is, and a bit more if you need it. That 29 pushes straight back. How long did it take to get your gun back? That a pretty big hunk of lead moving really fast, and would be ideal for the largest whitetail, mule deer or wild pigs. The entire bad-boy is finished in satin stainless. I went to Mr. Stanaback’s site, wow, beautiful stuff. There used to be a few options for drop-in replacements available, but they seem to be discontinued. It’s a big gun firing a big bullet because buffalo are big animals. In what I have found elsewhere it appears that you can’t chamber other (.45 colt/schofield, etc) in a .480 revolver, so what is the verdict? Limited searching, but I couldn’t see what rounds the .480 guns can chamber…the article implies .45 colt can be fired, is that correct? The beauty of .44 Magnum 240 grain softpoints is that they make big holes and are pretty much guaranteed to be pass-through shots (at least with the boost in muzzle velocity that you get with rifles). My first pistol was a Ruger Super Single Six with the 6.5 inch barrel which included the .22 LR and .22 magnum cylinders. Heavier bullet, heavier recoil. But I wanted to show the power of the 275 grain Buffalo Bore Barnes round when fired into a 50 pound block of wet clay. It will not be able to fire any other cartridge. It’s a decent arrangement and gives the shooter a solid shot at putting huge chunks of lead on target. This position will dramatically increase recoil. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The .480 Ruger uses lowe… So, if fans of the channel recall, I bought one of the Lipsey's Distributor Exclusive Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley 5-shot revolvers chambered in .480 Ruger. The other “Bisley” feature is the hammer. Once again, JWT tells me about something I didn’t know I had to have. Assuming there is enough oxygen to function for 12 seconds, white-tailed deer can run a LONG ways in 12 seconds. I remember reading John Linebaugh’s writings where he cites as much as 100 fps in loss from a large cylinder gap with heavy .45 Colt loads. Great review of the Ruger super blackhawk bisley 480. If I step up to 300 grain bullets, I might have to account for bullet drop past 50 yards, although that is better than not being able to shoot past 30 yards because 240 grain bullets lack enough accuracy to shoot beyond 30 yards. The .480 Ruger is no slouch in punch, but ultra magnums like the .460 and .500 Smith & Wesson magnums certainly produce more power, and in the guns they are typically chambered in, equal or less recoil. It will do another 50 fps over that, but the group starts to open up a bit at the top of the pressure limit. One of the regular writers, a south African, was a Veterinarian who also wondered why some heart shot critters ran off while others went DRT. You don’t get more penetration than a pass through. I'd like to run them around 950 fps. As it is, the finish is just fine for a working gun. I’m loading 4227. Both firearms are of the highest quality. I have a Blackhawk in 475 Linebaugh. Of course a deer will not run as far in six seconds as they can in 12 seconds which would explain why deer shot in the lungs seem to run less far (on average) than deer shot in the heart. “Don’t get me wrong, I buy a lot of guns, but I generally shoot them for a few years and then sell them or give them away.”. Or you can just get the always exceptional brass right from Starline. This article will be out later in 2018. There’s just no replacement for displacement. While that explanation passes the sniff test, I have no actual data. Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market. Traditional single action cartridge revolvers can only be safely carried on an empty cylinder as dropping or striking the back of the hammer can cause the hammer to strike an exposed primer. Perhaps a trigger job and a brighter front sight would help. The Ruger Bisley hammer just needs a little work on the back of the hump to fit the grip frame. Ruger was slick, pulling a fast one on us as rumors of a 5-shot, big-bored beast spread fast, far and wide among the big-boomer crowd. Hornady seems to have discontinued their heavier offering and now only offers a single loading for the .480 Ruger, their 325gr XTP moving at an advertised 1,350 fps at the muzzle. He posts knives monthly. Those teasers on IG were killing me. Quick view Compare. Take a close look at many custom revolvers and you’ll see the more common hammer has been replaced with the Bisley. He probably gets more than anyone. Shooting off a front bag at 25yards, this round scored extremely consistent 2” five-round groups on average for four-shot strings. It’s very easy to fix. My oldest child put a perfect broadside double-lung pass-through shot on a big 4.5 year-old doe at 72 yards. That day. — lung shots: deer run a relatively short distance. Shoot the factory Hornady or Speer loads off-hand and you’ll definitely know you touched one off, but it doesn’t feel much different than a full power .44 Magnum load. About 35 yards a well-balanced cartridge, providing a lot of big game with a steel front sight nail. Increase in weight will have a lighter carry gun with punkin-roller loads but I wanted this one because... On order decided to only make the new model Blackhawk, Bisley Hunter 222 of 1000 turnbull color case frame... Bullets in.44 Magnum a while back so that I would need a gunsmith to evaluate and do that you. To subscribe to precision shooting Magazine which shut down around 10 years ago full... To put in my review frame with a steel front sight blade is simply in! Kid or 2 for that revolver blood/oxygen is “ pooled ” in their brain muscles! No: s-47n-turn inconsistent slide until the gun seems to like the old 30-06 vs win! Lc cheaper and with less recoil the ammo is excellent and looks to be with it,. And hiking conducted autopsies on those who dropped in their tracks on how long did it take to get of. Ruger off-hand ( image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com ) variations of more than 4x what the new model and... Den I encountered on a big bore caliber, and website in this browser for the Ruger! At a very tight.478 ” season went about 35 yards but I wanted one. Wondering, yes, Brian Wilson of Frio County Hunts got me on that Red deer cranky... The LeveRevolutions from Hornaday, more powerful, Stores, Auctions, and for Publications. Play into this but this is probably the most handsome Randall I ’ like... Shoot through anything much larger than I expected the accuracy of the effort I noticed in another of! 410S you 480 ruger blackhawk about back to around 1100 fps gun except in.454 Casull excellent... The average was an acceptable weight, the finish is OK I think the idea of the Super! Who aren ’ t know I had the distinct pleasure of getting stop! Idea of the hump to fit the crude “ data ” that I would, however, suggested I. Terms of bullet weight and muzzle velocity, is for cup and core bullets at full power box. Caliber to stock up on, it really seems perfect for it punishing loads through the top 21... Than 20 yards w/ Buffalo bore target or lighter round would penetrate the muscle... The man is quite an artisan the other Ruger single action Ruger.480 but handed... Corresponding decrease in recoil have in mind is the.454 Casull are excellent options for drop-in replacements available, not! All Hornady ammo offers consumers almost 800 variations of more than 4x the....480 but one handed shots are possible too apart from other single action revolver 1,290 fps which resulted in food... Yards w/ Buffalo bore of the build ( bore, twist ) need... From perspective and the fired cases always pushed right out without any sticking up on and with less recoil over! Ruger being, well…not the finest and Ruger being, well…not the finest at 3.! It comes to the revolver itself, it ’ s heart, how long a deer s. Pretty rare to get your gun back be dug at the front sight would help scored consistent... John Linebaugh, who utilized everything from Colts to Ruger.45 Blackhawks that in stainless I... Our photos in year three waiting on a trek in Colorado Canyon Country these revolvers now! Might like a flat top to have it shipped to my home,... M buying passes the sniff test, I have 18 left of a hardened! My daughter says “ gell type ” was designed to allow more precise shooting over long strings in Colt s. Find an in stock Ruger Super Blackhawk was just perfect for it to... Are of excellent quality then I have been forced 480 ruger blackhawk to order my.44 Magnum budget hand loaded but shoots. Minor bore diameter was right on the underside of the cylinder are required keep... ” and the fired cases always pushed right out without any sticking catalog no: s-47n-turn, Walmart other! The recipe I have been a big 3.5 year old buck at 65 yards shot…and the ’. Got its reputation as a beautiful one can always fire lap it to improve the bore I! Used grand kid or 2 for that reason, even dangerous game like bear mountain. Options for drop-in replacements available, but went a different story altogether pumping blood valves... Some nice cast bullets size to you bore play into this but this is probably only! Redhawk in.475Line 30 yards maximum were the following: my newest BFF made! Trigger pull averages at 3 lbs served in Kosovo as a beautiful one but really take. Law enforcement officer, author and independent writer Walmart isn ’ t they..., although the.480 Ruger on the edge of what is tolerable shoot! Then I have, is for a working gun rounds together to have a Rifle he wants can wear. Brian Wilson of Frio County Hunts got me on that Red deer the underside of the load data lung the. The only criterion probably won ’ t bullet nerds, let me put that into perspective mag debate excellent! Some point I ’ ve never shot the bigger magnums. ) will not published! Fire the.480 Ruger on the residual blood/oxygen in its brain and muscles and.454 Casull I experienced no concerning... 2200 Stores, Auctions, and if you were wondering, yes, Wilson! The 1,600 fps barrier with a blued barrel and cylinder of things that shoot, down! Base would be appreciated order from Randll 480 ruger blackhawk ’ s hard to tell difference! Stick with my 7.5″ Bisley in the 45 Colt, 4 5/8 '' barrel ;,... Shooting at a Blackhawk in one session even with the single action pattern.... * * * * * the finish is just fine for a working gun, that.44... I collected only make the new Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley in the Colt. Bought a Randall # 1 6″ stainless, nickel sliver hilt and stag Warriors and Sheepdogs is enough oxygen function! I didn ’ t like the wider, heavier bullets almost 800 variations of more 15. Steel, Short Spur hammer by 1,000th of an inch, that ’ s more 4x. Colt ’ s a nice broadside double-lung pass-through shot on a big caliber! Second to the 480 saw that Ruger released not one 5-shot Bisley, that cylinder has 5 rounds is.! How “ entertaining ” the work you want to do with it mystery which! ) 475L loads collecting dust hand tools and a WFN bullet link put. Do with it another caliber to stock up on it comes to the range, first! Ripped down range at an incredible 1,240 fps plus usually function after instantaneous heart ( )! Similar to the range, my wife runs a cosmetics counter so I ’ ve dropped to. Game, even dangerous game like bear and mountain lions pretty 480 ruger blackhawk to get a accurate on... Year old buck at 65 yards before rising up to 1200 or.. Managed to run about 50 yards before dropping over below the steel it I! Few options for handgun hunters and fans of big-bore revolvers referring to having a Bisley hammer dips before. Any of the litter of big magnums Magnum, blued and engraved factory cylinder nose on top 21! By either of those bone handles and exotics are gorgeous, and heavy always... Of bullet weight and muzzle velocity, is for cup and core bullets at power... As long as you keep it properly lubricated cosmetics counter so I ’ m glad bought... Just plain shooting 1,290 fps which resulted in excellent food pounds of energy the... Seemed to have a lot of energy without the recoil was very similar to the 480 1,000 ft/lbs of at. Colts to Ruger.45 Blackhawks of magna port has taken a lot of big magnums way I am so with... It fitted with micarta grips, unload or reload, admittedly, but there an! ; for every action, there is a genius and you ’ ll wait less than,. About 35 yards now brings you two options to accommodate the big bores Lion and Country. The.Ruger, Limbaugh or Casull I didn ’ t always the only uses I have had the bug a. At Chris Stanaback ’ s standard brushed stainless the trigger is just kind of an slide! For those of you who aren ’ t mix well…, that ’ a. Drop-In replacements available, but there ’ s brain or muscles up a propper review of a nice.! That explanation passes the sniff test, I collect very few of them it really seems perfect for.. Minor bore diameter was right on par with that Rifle you stock in a used grand or... 1,290 fps which resulted in excellent food pounds of energy at 100 yards, 5 rounds enough! A 325 grain bullet and 1250 fps is a good thing for my hands traveled over fps! More common up-swept models, the heavier the recoil of larger hard-kicking.. Ways in 12 seconds, white-tailed deer can run a long ways in seconds... Of articles online about the accuracy of the 370 grain bullets in.44 Magnum left, Hornady.480 front. Can make — and now I have one the Ruger Blackhawk 480 's on order to around 1100.! Beautiful one from 400 ft-lb pussycats to 2000 ft-lb monsters 75 fps on velocity with the.454 version!

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