New Ways to Flavor Your Tea..

Not a fan of unflavored tea? Naturopath Dr. Pina LoGiudice introduces a variety of add-ins that you can mix and match to your liking.

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It's wonderful. You know what? Take this home with you. You might need it this weekend. All right. Come on over. Let's check the message board again. Take it away, Rhenotha. What do you got for us? All right. So this one says, "I would love to get into the tea trend, but some of the teas I've tried are really bland and frankly I'm a coffee person. Can I add milk to them?" So this girl wants some flavor. That's what it sounds like.

She asked about milk and then what else do you flavor it. That is a complaint I hear. Coffee people, there's such a richness to it, and aroma. And people have made it exotic and the like. So what do you recommend with teas? Come over here. We'll play a little bit. Yeah, come over. You guys can play while I talk about this.  So with tea, I think you could do the same thing and be as fancy as your mochas, macchiatos, and things like that. So you could do the same thing with tea. So as you see, we have an arrangement of things that you absolutely can infuse your tea with. So answer the first question, can you add milk? I say yes. But really, with tea, you can do anything with it, and I think would be quite tasty and delicious. Why does mine look like that? What did are those curls? I think you guys are going to just--Is that cayenne? Really, Dr. Oz? Oh my gosh. No. Really? Where's my water? We need the medic. I just put a little bit in there. Ok. These are all added. Are there any things you shouldn't put together? Or is pretty safe? No, everything is pretty safe together.

It's really what your palate would permit. Like personally, I'm a big fan of ginger. So I'll always do a slice of ginger in my tea. It's really great as a digestive tonic. So you really can mix and match with any of these. And you have honey and agave? Yes. And it's ok to add it if it is a little bit hot. Yeah, definitely it's a little hot, you can do it. Did you put honey in mine? I know you want honey. But again, with either one, with any sweetener you don't want to add too much. because if you're doing it for weight loss and so on, you don't to add a lot of sugar. You are so sweet already, Rhenotha. Aw. Here you are. Thank you. There you go. I wasn't looking when you added stuff. So I'm going to find out. Should I stand back? I did right by you. Let me see what you did to me. I'm trying. It's curdling in there. Yeah. Let's see. Whoa! Can I have some water?

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