All what you need to know about Metabolism

Can high-intensity interval training (hiit) boost metabolism?

Yes, it can! It’s an excellent way to boost metabolism because you’re having both a cardiovascular and metabolic boost at the same time. Using the HIIT method will result in more post-exercise oxygen consumption, meaning you’ll keep torching calories even after you workout.

Is it better to workout in the morning and sleep less?

Not actually! The amount of rest you get each night influences more than just your mood and effectiveness the next day. Studies have revealed that the amount you sleep affects your metabolic rate. When you're sleep-deprived it's complex to control age blood sugar levels and you may be hungrier for high-carb foods.

Eaten late-night turns to fat, is that true?

Nope! If you're eating the right foods, eating late at night shouldn't derail your diet. But people often go for unhealthy food — high fat and high carb — in the wee hours. Instead of concentrating on the time you're consuming, more attention should be placed on what and how much is going into your system.

Can our metabolic rates change?

Unfortunately no! While it's true that genetics plays some part in identifying our metabolic rates, but people can speed up their metabolism by increasing their fluid intake (water), protein intake and muscle mass of large muscle groups of the back, legs and arms.

Metabolism gets slower as you lose weight, so first gain muscle as you lose weight. Muscle sheds more calories per hour than fat, which means that people with lean, muscular bodies need more calories to function than people with a higher content of body fat.

Should you guzzle water throughout the day to burn more calories?

Yes, you definitely should! Studies have concluded saying that water consumption may have a positive effect on how many calories you burn. It's due to a process known as thermogenesis — where the body must torch calories to warm the water up to body temperature. Think of water as a fat cell busting juice. To get rid of fat cells, we need water to flush them. And when you’re dehydrated the body doesn’t want losing weight.

Do green tea and chili peppers boost metabolism?

Again no! There are no magical food sources that will boost metabolism and there is no replacement for workouts. The route to healthy weight loss is through portion control and a balanced diet packed with nutrient-rich food sources, not through a diet doused in chili peppers.

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