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Myths about Weight Loss Diet Plans

Myths about Weight Loss Diet Plans

Weight loss is the need of obese people and to deal with they need to be very cautious, one may come across numerous weight loss diet plans but are these all seriously capable of being followed or not is a matter of understanding, many people consider these diet plans their last resort and spend their entire lives under the effect of these diet plans. One must be careful of what they are following, at times the intake of one single food throughout the week may help you reduce weight but at the same time this may lead to over absorbent of a single element and under-absorbent of numerous other elements required by your body. There are many such weight loss diet plans followed by people that tend to actually give a tough time and must be avoided.

Photo by Gabriel Bulla /

Photo by Gabriel Bulla /

Eating Banana For the Entire Week

This diet is so rich in potassium, that it definitely helps people lose a lot of significant weight within a day or two but may be much harmful as well. When you consume bananas only throughout the day and nothing else you have no intake of vitamins, fat, carbohydrates and fiber in a balanced form, banana may contain these elements but in a limited amount whereas the potassium is the major content. Therefore keeping yourself stuck to this diet will make your immune system worst.

Diet of Chicken Consumption

Many people also follow a weight loss plan which comprises of consumption of chicken only; this chicken is consumed in the boiled or grilled form and may give a very tough time because chicken these days is injected with hormones. These hormones actually give a negative impact on feminine health since the menstrual cycle may get disturbed and their body might end up gaining weight due to that disruption.

Vegetable Diet

People also spend their entire day consuming only vegetables, this eliminate the intake of good carbohydrates which are equally essential for health. Only green vegetables may give you iron and minerals but vitamins, proteins, fiber and carbohydrates are missing which help reduction in weight but at the same time also gives you a terrible health with no consumption of appropriate meal. People may experience dullness of skin, pains through the body and at times kidney stones due to it.

Rather than following any kinds of diet plans one must shrink the portion of food intake and instead eliminate the sugar and junk consumption, this way all the relevant and required nutrition is being absorbed by the body and also there is no negative impact on the health.

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