My Cryotherapy Session...Is it safe? You be the judge..

My Cryotherapy Session...Is it safe? You be the judge..

By : HealthBeast

D: So I'm getting ready for my first Cryotherapy session.  I'm going to jump into a giant full body tank of dry ice essentially, at minus two hundred and sixty degrees. I'm actually very excited,

never done this before and I want to show my audience, this is actually very good for blood circulation, weight loss, speeds up your metabolism. It just has a ton of benefits and I'm just looking forward to seeing how I feel and if it's worth doing; so let's get to this!

I’m getting ready to go in the Cryotherapy chamber. I’m kind of a little nervous, but you know, I’m a big guy, I think I can handle it, so I’m going to have to strip down (no no……)

It’s going to be the longest 3 minutes of my life, that’s for sure…

You can see me I have 6 abs, 6 pack

Woman (W): You’re ready, doom, doom, doom. Alright so you already know about all of this but I’m kind of going to explain it again, he’s definitely ready…….good.

So it will get colder a little bit quicker just as she went through, so….

D: Should I just do my arms like this……

W: Yeah, that’s fine, that’s kind of how everyone will do, go ahead and put your hands there that’s cool..

D: It’s like a very cold day in South Florida right at this point.

W: (laughs) doesn’t happen often but…

D: Now it’s turning into Canada (laughs)

W: Good, so we go ahead and we face that way, you turn full body (D: oh wow). Good, yeah so it will definitely be nice and shift

D: It’s kind of like that time when you jumped in the ice cold, in the snow back in Washington, that’s that feeling like right now, (laughter) oh yeah I’m freezing cold………….yeah. You’ve got to move a little bit I think (W: a little bit)

W: Yeah, so it kind of shocks your body into thinking that you are going into survival mode, that’s kind of the concept, so it rushes all of the blood from your arms, your legs, your extremities and stuff into your core (D: hooooweee) to protect your core, your heart, your brain, what you need to survive (D: That’s awesome) so yeah once you get out after the 3 minutes that’s not enough time to really do anything damaging to your body (D: Right). Your body realizes it’s okay, it’s safe, it reproduces blood, fresh nutrients, fresh oxygen, kind of like a little bit of everything. So it pops pretty hard so that’s where that spike in metabolism comes in, the burning calories, it’s awesome.


D: Oh this is great, I feel like…..

W: Well go ahead and face the back wall on that next one…good……and we are half way through (D: half way through) yes, a quick 3 minutes but still long enough

D: oooh, holy moly….. (laughs) we’re kidding it’s a little nippy (laughs) ooooh weee, oh my God

W: Well go ahead and turn to the left….. good (D: Oh yeah) good job. We’re under a minute left, usually the last 90 seconds is the hard part. So you’re half way through the hard part.

D: I’m half way through the hard part. Do you usually have to coach people through all of this (W: I kind of do, yes). Has anybody ever left early? (W: All the time (laughs)) what people leave early?

W: No, no they don’t leave early I have to coach them through it all the time (D: It really helps) No we definitely try and make sure that everyone can finish the 3 minutes, that’s our goal (D : whoa), good and we got the last one coming in a couple seconds, maybe. Oh we’re good, it’s about 5 or 10 more seconds.

M: Oh yeah, It’s almost like burning sensation at one point (W: yeah) like your body is just compensating like you said, giving off heat, it’s weird (W: good).

W: Go ahead and face forward; good stuff. So I’m just going to pop this open and you can just watch your step down (D: thank you so much) and I’ll pop out.

D: Wow, behold, the man, the dream (Man (M): Your underwear is frozen) ooohh

M: shrinkage like George Castanza, how does it feel?

D: Everyone needs to do this, I feel great, jumpstart like I have super human strength (M: really) this is a monster, my whole body is burning right now, it’s a burning sensation (M: let me see) feel that. Okay I hope you enjoyed this. I feel great, my blood circulation. I just feel like re-energized, like I took like 10 energy shots; alright I’ll see you on the other side


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