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Study Reveals That Cutting This One Thing From Your Diet Will Make You Lose Weight TWICE As Fast.

These days, it seems that people are turning pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan, left, right and centre. So many of my friends have turned a new leaf, gradually stepping into veganism and of course, losing a bunch of weight while doing so. It’s no surprise that the following study proves this obvious correlation.


Weight loss firm Forza Supplements carried out a study of 1000 people. Managing director Lee Smith said to the Daily Mail, “All our research shows that becoming a veggie is a great way to lose weight… It’s not that good lean meat it is particularly calorific but we find that meat-eaters consistently have a higher calorie intake because the meat they eat is often cooked in an unhealthy way.” For example, it’s the difference of having chicken grilled or crispy or even with a side of fries if you’re dining out.

Meat makes up 35% of the average person’s daily calorie intake. When dieting for one month, meat-eaters will lose 0.9kgs while vegetarian  s will lose double the amount. Also, when you have only just quit meat, you will see the most dramatic weight loss of an average 2.27kgs in the first month.

Vegetarians tend to exercise more and their health-conscious attitude prompts a lifestyle to suit such as choosing low-fat options and rejecting unhealthy fast food.

The Daily Mail reports on the following statistics provided by the study:

Embracing a healthier lifestyle – 57 per cent

Eating less less fattening food – 49 per cent

Avoiding fast food restaurants – 32 per cent

Exercising more – 27 per cent

Eating out at restaurants less often – 22 per cent


SOURCE : http://www.m2now.co.nz/2-study-reveals-cutting-meat-will-make-you-lose-weight-fast/

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