Lose Weight by Fewer Larger Meals

few larger meals

It is a fact that many people consider weight loss as one of their biggest concerns today. Aside from looking good and staying healthy, it ranks well above the rest. Since there is a rampant increase to obesity, people started to try different kinds of diet for losing weight like eating multiple smaller meals in a day or having a breakfast like a king and dining like a pauper. Even though these two eating habits are the most popular ways to shed off some pounds, a recent research presented at the American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions suggests that intermittent fasting have positive effects on a person’s health and weight loss.


The study made by researchers from Czech Republic followed 54 participants with type 2 diabetes in a span of 24 weeks. The researchers randomly split the participants into two groups and both groups followed a diet for losing weight that reduced energy intake by 500 calories, contained a 50 to 55 percent carbs, 20 to 25 percent protein and less than 30 percent fat daily.

One group ate the three main meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner and three small snacks in between the meals for the first 12 weeks. The other group had a heavy breakfast between 6 to 10 a.m. and a big lunch between 12 noon and 4 p.m. And the researchers switched their meal plan for the second 12 weeks and asked the participants not to change their exercise routine during the 24 week study.

Even though the two groups significantly lost weight and decreased the fat in their liver, the group that ate two large meals lost more during the 12-week session. It also led to the body’s efficient production of insulin or lower fasting blood sugar level. It also seems that a particular group's timing and frequency of their meals did not have an effect to the beta cells function to produce insulin or the metabolic clearance rate of glucose - i.e. If you need a fast weight loss diet you can start with this process.


It’s true that this diet for losing weight is very interesting. The hardest part when a person follows this eating habit would probably be skipping dinner every day since a person consumes the majority of the calories at night and when not active. And this result in a drop of the insulin sensitivity and may even cause diabetes. The best way is to have a 15-minute walk after dinner or have a low calorie meal to lower the risk of diabetes. Just keep in mind that when it comes to weight loss, it would take time and patience to achieve the body you want.

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