Lose Weight Very Fast Releases Before and After Video on the Impact of ‘The Gastric Sleeve Procedure’

Lose Weight Very Fast Releases Before and After Video on the Impact of ‘The Gastric Sleeve Procedure’


Florida, USA, May 31, 2016 – The enviable team of weight loss experts at Lose Weight Very Fast; an online information board that is dedicated towards sharing useful insight about safe ways to losing weight and losing it real fast, is excited to announce that they have released (on their website) a revolutionary ‘before and after weight loss method’ that is guaranteed to simply shock everyone who is desirous of knowing how to lose weight super-fast.

Dubbed as ‘the gastric sleeve diet,’ it has been rightly described by a large number of people as ‘the best diet for fast weight loss.’ It was recently carried out on a client (Eric Glass) of Lose Weight Very Fast, and the magical impact of this procedure has been carefully highlighted in an article and a video on their website.

The video as well as the article, can be found on the following link - http://www.loseweightveryfast.com/gastric-sleeve-diet-video-will-simply-shock/

Now becoming more popular, the sleeve gastrectomy process (or gastric sleeve) is an operation which involves the stomach being shrunk in size in a surgical procedure. Once the surgeons are done, one’s stomach is left looking similar to a sleeve due to its size being reduced.

Eric Glass

Having managed to lose over 105 pounds as a result of this result producing procedure, forty year old Eric Glass said; "Before going for the surgery, I weighed 387 pounds. My reason for undergoing the gastric sleeve process was because I just wanted a longer life and a more active life that is void of pains, aches, and other adverse effect of being overweight."

"Now weighing 280 pounds, the thing I can tell you about the surgery is that I guess I didn't really grasp all the things that had to change in my life during the surgery. It has definitely been a life changing, life altering kind of thing" Eric emphasized.

Suffice it to say that consequent upon the operation, a candidate is expected to be given a diet as recommended by their surgeon. This would require the avoidance of all sugary foods and drinks, and the diet would mainly consist of lean meats and a lower carb intake.

Read more about Gastric Sleeve diet at http://www.loseweightveryfast.com/gastric-sleeve-diet-video-will-simply-shock/

Healthy Beast, the owner of Lose Weight Very Fast said; “The diet really starts to become a difficulty after the surgery, despite the fact that your stomach is smaller, by about 15%, the specificities of what you can and can’t eat are pretty grueling. During the first week, post-operation, you can only consume clear liquids but as the weeks go on, you are able to implement a variety of foods into your diet.”

Eric continued; “Now I can just eat a few bites of something and I fee full…. My meals are very small.” “You would no longer be able to eat like you were used to as the significant changes in your body mean that you will struggle to eat certain foods. This could be the best diet for weight loss, however, it’s a decision that’s very serious and should be contemplated deeply beforehand” Healthy Beast concluded.

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