Lose Weight with Banana Diet

Banana diet is a super-fast weight loss plan which promises to help you get rid of nearly 10 pounds a week! Banana diet is very simple to follow and does not require any special effort from you.  All you are required to do is to eat bananas in the morning drinking room temperature water. You are allowed to consume anything throughout your day. This diet became trending after Hitoshi Watanabe who presented the banana diet in his book called “The morning Banana Diet Regimen.” Watanabe with his partner Sumiko who possesses tremendous knowledge in pharmaceutics, developed the banana diet plan after numbers of unsuccessful attempts.


This super-fast weight loss plan attracts large groups of dieters who regularly workout at gyms or fitness centers. Morning exercises are extremely hard for obese people and for that reason – eating a fresh banana as well as drinking a glass of water in the morning saves those dieters from early morning physical tortures. Bananas are rich in resistant starch that boosts weight loss process.


There are starches of all kinds and each of them has its own different impact. Carbohydrates appear in 2 forms: digestible and immune starch. Immune carbohydrates go directly into the large intestine where fermentation process will take place. Bacteria produce fatty acids out of resistant starch those acids feed cells and maintain healthier gastrointestinal tract.


You are suggested to consume as many bananas as you can. Japanese with their rule known as 80/20 believe that people should not give a pressure to their stomach with food. By 80/20, they mean that - individuals should consume 80% of their foods they receive and leave the rest 20% untouched. However, you don’t have to always leave 20% of your food but you can serve smaller portion or use smaller size dishes to consume meals.

Make a habit of drinking water every morning because it boosts your metabolism. After you drink water, have a piece of banana. Wait about 20 minutes after you take it and if you still feel hungry – take one more banana. Note that you are required to eat only raw bananas. Your banana diet starts in the morning and you are suggested to have your last meal at 8PM. Watanabe strictly and clearly states that you must not drink milk or alcohol throughout your diet.

Pay attention on your sleeping habit. In order to lose extra weight quickly, you should go to bed by midnight. Don’t restrict yourself and consume anything that you prefer for lunch and dinner. Yes!  The banana diet does allow you to eat what you like throughout your day! However obviously, the sources you consume should not seriously contradict with your weight loss goals.


Why is Banana so helpful for dieters?

  • Skip drinking coffee in the morning! You will be able to regulate blood glucose and appetite
  • It helps to maintain healthy well-being
  • Restrict yourself and try not to eat anything after 8PM
  • Bananas are powered with potassium and fiber and they supply with energy
  • Minimize alcohol intake
  • Bananas are extremely affordable and always accessible
  • Drink a glass of room temperature water to boost your metabolism
  • Regular consumption of bananas help you control yourself from overeating during your days


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