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Eating out makes you have less control over food portions, preparation methods and ingredients, but you have to plan ahead, find out the low-calorie healthy food choices before visiting a restaurant. This will help you make better food choices on arrival. If visiting the restaurants becomes unavoidable, maybe because you got friends who love to eat out, then here are some of the basic tips on how you can eat out and still maintain your weight loss process without uttering it.


First, choose the right places to go. You want to eat out, why don’t you try places like protein restaurants, where you can have varieties of healthy meals that can help you burn some calories instead of gaining them? Make a good choice of where to eat, at least you have control over that particular choice.

If eventually your friends desires, rules out yours and you find yourself in a regular restaurant, then plan ahead to eat lightly throughout the day to ensure you have "budgeted" enough calories and grams of fat. Or, if you forget to pre-plan, you can order the pasta and take half of it home in a doggie bag. To avoid feeling deprived, you can sip a frothy skim-milk cappuccino for dessert. But always keep in mind, your estimated calories for the day.

Be the first to order and before ordering your selections, ask the waiter about the details of the meal like: How is this dish prepared? Can it be modified? What ingredients are used? How large are the portions? Do you have any low-fat or low-calorie options? Can I make substitutions? Try having it your own way, this will help you make more informed choices.

Try staying away from snacking. Avoid listening to the mouthwatering descriptions on these foods. Avoid appetizer trays for they are always loaded with fat. Avoid freebies like chips and salsa at Mexican restaurants or a basket of rolls and butter at other establishments, these can pile up fat and calories that you don't need, besides, they can take away your appetite and cause damages before the healthiest foods come. Fill your plate with veggies, greens, chickpeas, and so on, and add one or two tablespoons of low-fat dressing. Limit the bacon bits, cheese, croutons, and creamy dressings, or skip them entirely, if you can't exercise control, simply tell the waiter to remove the temptations far from you.

Ask for grilled chicken or fish. The sauce should come separately and use just one tablespoon. Make smart choices, instead of deep-fried foods, order a green salad with the dressing on the side.


Employ portion control. You don't have to stuff yourself with the mountain size food you are served. Eat a portion, while listening to your internal hunger signals while eating slowly and then try taking some home in a doggie bag which you can have later.

Remember to always keep track of how much you eat, and be sure not to exceed the number of servings you planned to eat, in that way you would be able to maintain your weight loss plan even though you ate out.


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