Learn How to Lose Weight by Walking

Running and walking are two physical activities that have always been described as very beneficial for the health of human beings. Human beings used their legs to reach from one point to another for thousands of years until they invented vehicles for this purpose. Strolling for a few minutes in the outdoors after dinner at night is good for your heart and digestion. But how would you react if told that walking can also be a great way to lose excess body weight? Yes, you can lose inches and melt fat from different areas of your body if you can walk to burn sufficient number of calories.

Increase your step count to 15000 per day

Walking can be the simples, easiest, and most convenient way to lose weight for all those who are obese. Walking is a natural activity for human beings but modern fast paced lifestyles have chained them to their computers, desks, and cars. Walking more lowers stress levels also, which is believed by doctors to help in any weight loss endeavour. Count your steps and pledge to increase this count every day until you reach a step count of 15000. You can easily double your step count without putting any pressure on your joints if you are used to waling after having your dinner or in the morning. You can lose weight by walking but you need to walk fast and also sufficient number of steps every day.

Walk thrice in a day instead of only once

Reaching a step count of 15000 is not easy for most individuals. What you can do instead is to go out for a walk for 20 minutes not once but thrice a day. Although it seems difficult what with your tight schedule and travel but you can always find a place and time to start walking irrespective of the place you are in. Walking after lunch can also help in avoiding that afternoon nap that you have become used to. Lose weight by walking multiple times in a day if you cannot walk in one go.

Buy comfortable shoes for yourself

Many people complain of pain in their ankles and legs when they try to walk fast or walk for a long duration. This may be because of not an injury or weakness but because of uncomfortable shoes. Buy a good quality pair of sneakers for you to be able to walk a longer distance with intensity.


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