Jessie James Decker on women losing baby weight: 'We're too hard on ourselves'

Jessie James Decker on women losing baby weight: 'We're too hard on ourselves'

By : Rheana Murray

Country star Jessie James Decker says women need to take more time after giving birth to appreciate what they've done — and chill out about losing the baby weight.

"Women are like superheroes," Decker, 27, told "After going through both deliveries with my kids, I felt so strong. I'm laying there and they're cutting this kid out me. I'm exhausted, worn out and my husband is passed out on the ground because he can't handle it."

"Women are strong and we're way too hard on ourselves," she added.

"I wanted them to know that this is normal, and I'm with them," she continued.

Of course, Decker is naturally petite and she admits to using a waist trainer to get back into shape — she's not above wanting to look pretty. And for her, looking good is a confidence booster.

"If I'm not feeling so hot during the day, maybe I couldn't sleep and the kids are wearing me out and I'm not feeling very cute, I might go and curl my hair and put on some lipstick and put some fun music on," she said. "And that builds my confidence. It's the small things. You have to find out what works for you."

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"Taking a walk here and there and eating healthy is great," added Decker, whose family splits their time between New Jersey and Nashville. "But I also feel like confidence and body image have a lot to do with how you feel on the inside. It sounds cheesy, but if you feel good about yourself, it's going to show on the outside."

Decker also spoke to about her partnership with Colgate, to promote good dental hygiene among children. She's encouraging people to post school photos with the hashtag #SmileForPictureDay, part of the brand's campaign to explore the link between dental care and success in school. The collaboration was a "natural fit," Decker said, because she's a huge fan of social media.

And those lengthy, honest messages she posts are all her own, she said. "I don't have people running my social media at all," Decker said. "That would totally weird me out."

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